Upcoming UCPD hiring exams to bring in the best

Bennett Cognato, Staff Writer With an upcoming hiring examination on Nov. 22, UConn Police officials believe

A closer look at future changes according to the Master Plan

Julia Werth, Associate News Editor With construction present on every corner of the UConn campus and

On-campus support systems for assault victims vary based on individual needs

Kimberly Armstrong, Campus Correspondent The University of Connecticut’s support systems for victims of sexual assault and

Immigration rights rally participants call for more university aid

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UConn prepares as Ebola crisis intensifies in U.S.

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USG considers executive compensation

Nicholas Shigo, Staff Writer During a closed caucus meeting on Oct. 15 the Undergraduate Student Government

Speaker Motions to Remove Self From Senate

By: Nicholas Shig, Staff Writer The Speaker of the Undergraduate Student Government Senate challenged senators to

Flu Shot Means Free Starbucks at Price Chopper

By: Cate Kohn, Campus Correspondant Free flu clinics are currently being offered at the Student Union

UConn Adopts State Sexual Assault Policy

By: Taylor Caron, Staff Writer The University of Connecticut has been adopting the policies of a

Massage Therapy The Way To Go

By: Fatir Qureshi, Campus Correspondent Stressed out UConn students were able to unwind on Wednesday thanks