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By Zarrin Ahmed – Staff Writer

Unfortunately, the problem of finding textbooks for cheap is one that has haunted students for years, and none of us knew it until we got to college ourselves. Fortunately, we aren’t the only ones who know.

I’ve been buying textbooks since my freshman year of high school, and my go-to is always For someone young with no knowledge of online shopping or business, it was super easy. It’s probably the biggest name out there for textbooks – but for good reasons.

Chances are you’ll find all the books you search for by entering the ISBN number into the search box. The qualities of these books are, from experience, reliable. Many sellers will offer large discounts on slightly used books: more so than other textbook sites.

Amazon also offers student accounts where students can enjoy six months of free two-day shipping and other discounts via email. But, the automatic renewal after six-months will charge $39 per year, so be wary. You don’t need to be a member to enjoy benefits though. Amazon also has a free shipping policy for orders over $35. So if you order all of your textbooks at once, you’d likely be getting free shipping.

My room is slowly being filled with stacks of books, newspapers, assignments, magazines – all reading materials. My Shakespeare book for English class has taken its own special place in the biggest drawer I have. If you don’t have the space for physical textbooks, the obvious suggestion is to download e-books (which you can rent for a semester).

Chegg is a simple search engine, “The Student Hub.” It offers deals on books, homework help, and resources for internships and jobs. The site lets you compare prices of buying a book, renting a book, buying an e-book and renting an e-book. It’s little more work when it comes to buying more than one book at once, but worth the effort to save the money. A neat thing about Chegg is that it will grant seven day access to e-Textbooks after purchasing a book. While the delivery of the package is in process, you can still keep up in class.

Though many are concerned with textbooks for cheap, many may still want to read for leisure. For this, check out the local thrift store. From academic journals and anthologies to children’s stories, the variety of topics at thrift shops is incomparable. Some shops arrange the books, and some don’t. It won’t take too long for something to peak your curiosity in either case. There isn’t a large gamble here either: the Salvation Army in Willimantic takes $1 for four books. So if you’re ambitious to drink in knowledge, it’s worth a trip.

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