Budget gap unable to be covered by donations and federal grants


University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst said today that the university will not be able to make up for budget cuts by using donated funds and federal grants.

“Some have suggested that UConn could cover a two-year $300 million hole in our budget by using ‘donated funds’ and ‘federal grants’. That is absolutely not the case; it is either a misunderstanding or fantasy about how universities operate,” Herbst said in an email.

Herbst said federal grants are donated to universities to fund specific research projects and it would be illegal to use them to replace state operating cuts.

“What’s more, a university cannot obtain grants without scientists, and the Republican budget will decimate our science faculty. And no university can make up for hundreds of millions in cuts through donors- not even Harvard University could do it,” she said.

Herbst said the cut would force the university to dramatically increase tuition and fees, as well as make reductions and closures that would decimate it academically.