UConn must remain committed to student mental health

By The Editorial board • february 22, 2017 • 6:29 A.m.

This past week, the University of Connecticut hosted the President’s Symposium on Mental Health, with the conference focus and title, “Critical Connections: Fostering Cross-Functional Conversations on Student Mental Health.” The symposium was a success, bringing together leaders in both higher education and mental health research and practice. Doing so helps promote innovative and collaborative approaches to the key issue of mental health care on college campuses. It is critical that UConn continues this commitment to student mental health and seeks to remain a leader in this area. The conference signals a shift towards more long-term, comprehensive solutions – however UConn still has work to do in making sure that the current, immediate mental health resources on campus are up to par, with the shortage of Counseling and Mental Health Services staff and low availability of counseling appointments being a recurring issue.