Notre Dame burning should not be invalidated by other causes

by emma hungaski • APRIL 24, 2019 • 6:00 a.m.

As virtually everyone on the planet has heard, last week the famous historical landmark, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, partially burned down. The fire, which burned for hours before ultimately being extinguished by Parisian firefighters, destroyed the cathedral’s iconic spire along with some of the relics inside. Luckily, as of Tuesday, April 16, only one firefighter was reported being seriously injured by the flames. All others had only minor injuries. Miraculously, no one was killed.

In the aftermath of the fire, people flocked to the streets of Paris to mourn the loss of the icon and lend support to each other. In a similar fashion, people around the globe took to social media to express their sorrows and reminisce on past visits to the church. Overall, nice sentiments were made as people tried to make sense of the great loss of historic artwork and architecture. Soon, people began donating to a fund created to funnel money towards rebuilding the now-ashen spire. Quickly, this fundraiser had made over one billion dollars.