Editorial: Graduate assistants and UConn, a tense but needed relationship

by the editorial board • april 20, 2018 • 6:00 a.m.

For graduate students, the deal is rather lucrative. They get to work on researching a topic that they (hopefully) love, they are endowed with one of the highest academic honors by UConn at the end and they get to make connections with colleagues around the world thanks to the wide network their advisors and professors provide. Moreover, if they are studying in many fields, graduate students have the opportunity to experience all of this for pennies on the dollar. By teaching or grading undergraduates, graduate students have access to many waivers and benefits.

On the university’s end, well, UConn wouldn’t be a research institution at all without its graduate students. The reputation, the papers, the company sponsorships, the grants-- none of this would be possible if there were no graduate students. As mentioned before, teaching and grading assistants also provide the additional benefit of bolstering UConn’s educational resources. It is hard to imagine how much the university would suffer in terms of undergraduate population if there were no TAs to lead the titanic number of discussions and labs.