UConn Student Director is an opportunity for transparency from Foundation

By The editorial board • March 24, 2017 • 6:05 A.m.

After voting and appeals, it has been decided that graduate student Anthony Petalunas will be the UConn Foundation Student Director next fall. The UConn Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization that manages UConn’s endowment of $383 million dollars, as of 2016. Petalunas is the first student to fill this new position with UConn Foundation, and as the student director, he will act as an active non-voting member and a student representative for the board of directors. This new position is a great opportunity for students to become more involved and aware of the undertakings of this foundation.

As a student representative for the board of directors, Petalunas will attend all of the foundation’s Board of Directors meetings and meetings of the committees of which he will be a member.  One of his responsibilities is to communicate with the student body concerning the foundation’s efforts. This is a fantastic opportunity for UConn students to become more involved and for the UConn Foundation to make its actions may become less opaque to the student body, for to understand the students’ interests better and they may receive more support.