Student arrested during GrooveBoston show at Jorgensen Center

In this file photo, two UConn Police vehicles are pictured. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

UConn student David Ahearn was arrested for disorderly conduct and threatening behavior during GrooveBoston, an event hosted by the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG). The altercation took place inside of Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, Feb. 8.

Ahearn reportedly grabbed the neck of another person and made threatening comments such as, “I’m going to break you in half,” according to a press release from UConn Police.

Ahearn was arrested and held at $1,500 bond due to the manor of his comments and the injuries sustained by the other party. Officer Rachael A. Levy made the arrest.

This sort of incident is not uncommon at concerts, said Lieutenant Douglas Gamache of the UConn Police Department.

“Any time you have anything that involves a large group of people, drugs and alcohol it makes our night a little more interesting,” Gamache said. “We plan for the worst with these events but hope for the best.”

A special assignments division of the UConn Police covers events put on by Subog. Subog then pays the UConn Police Department for the cost of overtime.

The GrooveBoston event “went off without a hitch” for the most part, Gamache said.

“We have had concerts where there are mass arrest situations,” Gamache said. “We have also had plenty of concerts where we don’t get a single call… the fire department tends to be busier than we are.”

Jorgensen, a concert hall located at UConn's Storrs campus, hosts concerts year round.

There is little to no police presence expected at Jorgensen’s next event, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood LIVE.

SUBOG could not be reached for comment.

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