Video: 18 hours long, 18 hours strong at HuskyTHON

HuskyTHON is a year-long fundraiser and 18-hour dance marathon with proceeds benefiting the Connecticut Children's Hospital. This year's HuskyTHON occurred on Feb. 20 through the 21 and a total of of $716,394.58 was donated . Music: Piano Jam 3 by Fool D. PlayAround. (Video/Amar Batra)

18 Hours.

This year, we followed three students through all 18 hours of HuskyTHON 2016. From the fresh hours at the top of the marathon to the walls of exhaustion in the middle to the final push at the very end, these three students shared their ups and downs #FTK. A blend of majors, interests and energy, they shared their tips, tricks, emotions and reactions. 

Featured students:

Anna Hack, a sixth-semester management information systems major, was a morale captain in HuskyTHON 2016. Pete Carcia is a fourth-semester computer science engineering major. He participated as a dancer for his second year in a row. Levi Green is a sixth-semester environmental engineering major with a minor in women's gender and sexuality studies. He was a team captain during his third HuskyTHON this year.

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