Hungover Huskies: When warm weather celebrations go awry

One of UConn's most notable watering holes, Huskies Restaurant, is pictured here. UConn students of all generations flock to these here pubs whenever possible. As a result business is forever boomin'. (Amar Batra/Daily Campus)

With warm weather seemingly here to stay and the end of the semester within reach, there is a bustling, cheerful atmosphere around campus. This applies especially to weekends, when students are able to spend more time outdoors enjoying the final weeks of school. With the sunlight impossible to pass up, more outdoor gatherings have sprouted in the past weeks. Additionally, Storrs nightlife remains in full swing, particularly when there are birthdays to be celebrated.

Sixth-semester computer science and engineering major John Bojorquez began his weekend on Thursday night to ring in his 21st birthday.

“Before the bar, I decided to drink half a bottle of Rumpleminz to get ready,” Bojorquez said. In that spirit, he headed to Ted’s where his friend politely bought him a Bionic Beaver, “a popular red or blue colored pitcher made with pretty much everything you can imagine behind the bar,” according to the bar’s website.

“[My friend] said I had to finish it in one go, so I drank the whole thing,” Bojorquez said.

He recalls making the brief journey from Ted’s to Huskies and dancing with “random groups of people and being handed drinks.”

He said that at this point, his location became a blurry mystery to him as he went with the flow of crowd. The last parts of the night Bojorquez recalled was walking into Wings Over “for some reason” and attempting to hitchhike back to his apartment in Northwood.

When summarizing his birthday, Bojorquez advised: “If someone offers you tequila, use the lime.”

Later in the weekend, students took advantage of the climbing temperatures and hosted or attended outdoor parties.  

Brian Roach, a sixth-semester English and music major, spent his Saturday outside with friends.

“On Saturday at about 2 p.m., I went out to the darties taking place around Hunting Lodge Road,” he said. He began at Celeron, made his way to a frat party and then ended up at Carriage House Apartments.

He remembers the first darty he attended being crowded with people singing and dancing along to live music. He said the energy was great and everyone was clearly having a good time.  

“A group of guys climbed onto the roof, and there were so many people on the porch that we could feel the wooden beams bending,” Roach said.

His day continued in a positive manor as he made his way down Hunting Lodge Road.

“I had the whole day free and the weather was gorgeous, so I couldn't have been happier,” Roach said.

Megan Krementowski is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at