Hungover Huskies: Tales from the bar

Huskies Restaurant & Bar is the scene of many drunken adventures for students. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Now that the weekend is fast approaching, we decided to check in with some Huskies about some of their most unforgettable nights at the UConn bars.

Eighth-semester HDFS and Psychology double major Allison Lavigne reminisced on a simple yet symbolic evening at Ted’s. She recalled waiting in line for the single-stall bathroom with her friends when she enviously observed a group of girls in front of her eating pizza while they waited.

“People are usually extra friendly at the bar - and when [the group of girls] saw us looking in their direction, they just excitedly shoved some pizza our way like we had grown up together and been best friends since the beginning of time,” Lavigne said. “So my friends and I just stood in line for the bathroom eating pizza from strangers.”

Although her story is short and sweet, Lavigne explained that the brief encounter epitomizes what a good night out at the bars is like: free pizza from cheerful strangers. 

Eighth-semester history major Kevin Luba also recalled a fond dose of UConn nightlife. His story begins on what he called “what might have been the coldest day in recorded history” on Valentine’s Day Nickel.

Luba remembered the night his friend Ralph’s life “changed forever.” Before the excitement, he and his friends were watching the NBA All-Star game during a monotonous beginning of the night.

“Ralph was drunk, as was this random girl, standing all alone on the dance floor of Huskies,” Luba said. “For whatever reason, Ralph walks over to her and strikes up a conversation. Almost immediately she started to awkwardly [dance with] Ralph and then they even started to kiss a little bit.”

A while later, Luba said Ralph offered to buy his new female friend a drink.

“Ralph was out of money,” Luba said. “He was trashy enough to hit up the ATM at Huskies. Will used this time to pretend to steal his girl, since he was wicked unprepared.”

Luba said that Ralph succeeded in buying a drink for his acquaintance. After they had their drinks, the two began to walk back towards Ralph’s group of friends.

 “Ralph tripped and face-planted on the floor, which obviously scared the girl away,” Luba said. “It left an epic splatter of ice and booze on the center of the floor and any soul lucky enough to witness it was dying laughing.”

 The bouncers watched and laughed, according to Luba. “Ralph was dead, get the body bag,” he said. However, he and Will decided to help out their friend, seeking out the girl he had embarrassed himself in front of in order to make amends.

“When we found her, she said she didn't even find him attractive, something we got a good laugh out of,” Luba said. “We went back and broke the news to Ralph, but shortly after this the girl once again returned.”

 The two got another round of drinks, according to Luba. This time, Ralph was “smart enough to stay stationary.”

“He was soft and poured his drink over his shoulder as [he and the girl] took shots together,” Luba said. “Doesn't get softer than that. Next thing you know they're [kissing] in the corner of Huskies, with no one else on the dance floor.”

It is safe to say that Ralph had a great time. And in the words of Luba: “What a night for Ralph.”

Megan Krementowski is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at