Global unity alleviating concern for Arctic overfishing

These days it’s hard to forget that our environment is changing and unfortunately, this change is not for the better. Everywhere you look there are images of rampant deforestation of our rainforests, or sea turtles caught in plastic, trying to remind us the importance of recycling. While these images may be overused, they are effective; they make us think about what we are doing to our environment. However, people still fail to discuss some effects of climate change that people fail to discuss that deserve the same amount of attention as these more common issues.

While the effects of climate change have already become apparent to the majority of people in the world, there are still some who do not believe this devastating phenomenon exists. However, even these non-believers cannot dispute the fact that our temperatures are rising and our polar ice caps are melting. There are multiple troubling effects that stem from global climate change, and it is this continued melting of our ice caps and subsequent rise in sea level that causes the most issues.

Although there are many consequences that stem from the melting of our polar ice caps other than the rise in our sea level, this unfortunately seems to be the only effect people are concerned with. However, it is clear that this is not the only result that should raise interest. In fact, the melting of this ice can cause other drastic changes in the ocean’s ecosystem, as well as to our own economy.