Final column: cue 'I Will Remember You'

Jess Baicker, Dan Madigan, Matt Zampini and Megan Krementowski spending time together at (old) Huskies. (Megan Krementowski/The Daily Campus)

I enrolled at UConn as a casual, unplanned decision, while focusing primarily on the time I spent at The Hartt School, with my main focus centered on pursuing a dream of being a ballet dancer. When the balancing act between school and dance became too much, I committed fully to my academics, completely unsure of the future I wanted and without a new dream. By this point I was a junior who spent the year going robotically to and from class, churning out papers and studying for some so-called bright future.

In the spring of 2015, I received an email from the English department about a copy editing job at The Daily Campus, and figured that it was along the lines of something I would enjoy my time doing, as well as something I had the skills for. I went to take a brief application test, which was handed to me by some guy that, in a little more than a year's time, I’d fall in love with. I spent the fall of last year coming and going from my three-hour copy editing shift on Thursday’s, no more, no less.

This past February, I met some guy who gave me my Daily Campus copy editing application in Wally’s after a night at Huskies, the bar that I credit for inspiring me to talk to him and exchange numbers. We began spending time together, and he introduced me to his friends, whom I immediately loved. Last year’s managing editor encouraged me to begin writing for the news section, and I became more and more inspired by the people around me.

I was eager to take stories, and was happy to be around everyone with similar interests to mine- to write, to create, to tell the stories around us. I fed off the energy I was surrounded by, and I learned what I want to do with my life. Last year’s associate life editor asked me to write bizarre stories about things that happened to students while out at the bars and parties each weekend. I learned to have fun with my writing and stopped taking myself so seriously. I became committed to this little school newspaper, and I wanted to dedicate my time, to be a stronger voice and to apply for an editor position.

I have grown so much as a result of joining The Daily Campus, met a new family, even fell in love with a guy who knows more about basketball than I know about myself. One step out of my comfort zone brought me an entire new perspective, voice and friends.

Krementowski and Matt Zampini featuring John F. Kennedy. (Megan Krementowski/The Daily Campus)

All of the late Tuesday nights at production listening to Jason Derulo, the Sunday meetings after a quick run to Ted’s and the countless hours spent copy editing and work-shopping articles have come to an end. I have learned that I will always be learning. I have learned to take in all of the incredible talents in the people around me, to be patient with people who are just starting out on the same path I did only about a year ago. And most of all, I have learned to make fun of myself, to be passionate and hard-working while still having fun, to never view work as work and to always stay inspired.

Thank you to Matthew Zabierek for emailing me what time each section meets on Sundays. Thank you to Angie DeRosa, for believing in me as your trusty sidekick and letting me re-imagine the life section with you. To Dan Madigan, for being a homie from day one. Thank you to my best friends Jess, Francesca and Margaux for everything. To Sten for teaching me that not everyone will like you, and if they do, you’re doing it wrong. To Chris Sacco, for hating on Thanksgiving and still somehow being a kick-ass guy. To Marissa, for being a ray of sunshine and the badass feminist we all need in our lives; to Bailey for being a literal angel; to Steph for being a star girl. To Julia, for being a wonderful news editor and editor-in-chief. And to Matt Zampini for teaching me what KO means and still hanging out with me after I had to ask, and for handing me a copy editing application the summer before my (first) senior year. And thank you to the rest of you because otherwise this will last our entire 12 pages. I love you all. (Haha this is so sappy bye!)

Megan Krementowski is the associate life editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at