This week of special coverage heralds notable women coaches, players and sports analysts that have made headway in Storrs and beyond in the male-dominated sports industry.


Beth Goetz speaks on women’s program’s success and UConn’s athletic future

BY dan madigan • APRIL 27, 2017 • 6:04 A.M. 

For Day Four of Women in Sports Week, Sports Editor Dan Madigan talked with UConn Athletics Chief Operating Officer Beth Goetz, who is a a few months away from wrapping up her first year at UConn. Prior to coming to Storrs, Goetz spent time at Missouri-St.Louis, Butler and Minnesota before joining athletic director David Benedict’s staff in June of 2016. In her interview, Goetz touches on her role at UConn, the success of UConn’s women’s programs and the future of UConn athletics.