UConn students download Adobe Creative Cloud 1,723 times



Since August the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite has been available to all 30,256 University of Connecticut students through their $75 technology fee yet only 1,723 have downloaded thus far, however this is more than expected said HuskyTech Manager Jonathan Moore.

“Adobe has been downloaded much more than expected,” Moore said. “There are 100 to 150 new students downloading it each week. This will bring the total to 2,500 by the end of the semester with no marketing push.”

Although student fees were used to pay for this service, few students even know that it exists.

“What’s the Adobe Suite?” was Gabby Young’s, a 3rd-semester nursing major, response when asked if she had downloaded the Creative Cloud application manager or any of the 26 available applications.

“I wish they made us aware that we are paying for this stuff and how to download it,” Young said.

HuskyTech is planning to do more marketing and advertisement of the available Adobe products in the spring, possibly through Art and Digital Media Design classes, Moore said.

The 26 applications, however, are not only useful for art or digital media and design majors.

“Adobe pro anyone can use,” Moore said. “It edits PDFs and forms. It can realign crooked PDFs which is very useful.”

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite can be downloaded for one year and then renewed with a valid student netID each subsequent year.

Adobe Pro, InDesign and Photoshop are the three most downloaded of the 26 applications at UConn so far, Moore said. But in comparison to the 24,484 downloads of Microsoft Office, that number is nothing.

“Microsoft 2013 is our biggest download because people want to upgrade,” Moore said.

Although 24,484 may seem like a lot of students, considering the many thousands more who have paid for this service over the past two years it has been available, that number is still quite small.

“A lot of students get their own software package with a new computer before college,” Moore said. “We try to do as much as we can during orientation and we periodically give information to the visitor center about the services we provide.”

But many students are still purchasing the suite separately.

HuskyTech will be trying to combat student’s low awareness of these services when their new website goes live in January.

“Currently the programs are on the website but we want to make it more prominent,” Moore said. “There will be a new software page on our website that will show the 6 core areas of software we provide – Freeware, Adobe, Antivirus, Apple, Microsoft, and Skybox – how to download them and what support we offer for each program.”

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Microsoft Office 2013 and 2010 as well as Windows 7 and 8 are available to all students at uconn.onthehub.com.

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