Pictures of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter on Halloween proves actual legend status


Even though Halloween is officially over, I figured I would share just one more story with you all that is sure to melt your heart. Chrissy Teigan (the model who also happens to be John Legend’s wife) shared eight Instagrams of her daughter Luna (yes I know your heart is melting) dressed up in the cutest Halloween costumes you have EVER seen. Seriously these pics should come with a warning.

have you ever seen a more "why me?" face 😭

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Hotdog: Her face says it all; clearly Luna is not having it, her mom even captions the photo with “Have you ever seen a more ‘why me?’ face?” This photo alone was enough to have over a million people absolutely in love with that precious face. It also made me decide that one day when I have a kid of my own, they will wear a hotdog costume. Why? Because it’s hilarious and freaking adorable. 10/10

You can't possibly think I only bought the hot dog

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Peacock: Of course Chrissy did not only have one costume to show, this lady never half-asses anything. Next up, she shared a video of Luna dressed up as a peacock. This one looked pretty uncomfortable while still being hilarious combined with the faces she made while wearing it. Her mom seemed way more excited by this costume than she was. 7/10

please help I can't stop

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Minnie Mouse: Ohmygosh those CHEEKS. Yes, I know I’m killing you all with my love for this kid. Luna makes the cutest Minnie Mouse. End of discussion. She didn’t seem to hate this one nor did she look sad or upset while wearing it, so I’d say it was a complete success. 10/10 for Minnie Mouse because it was a win on both sides.


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Banana: Coming to the conclusion that every parent needs to dress up their child in a food costume at least once in their life, at least just to get the photo to use against them one day. Luna is hands-down the cutest banana I have ever seen in my entire life; that is all. 10/10

I'll take this as a no

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Little Red Riding Hood: Her face is priceless, although she doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Little Red Riding Hood; her face just makes it that much better. I wonder if she saw the Big Bad Wolf? Regardless, 8/10 for style but two points were deducted since she clearly looks miserable. We feel you Luna.

Needs more flair

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Alice in Wonderland: I think this is as close as we’ll get to a smile. Baby Luna dressed up as Alice in Wonderland is adorable. Her mom captions the photo with “needs more flair.” Yes Luna! We are loving this little one’s sense of style already and she rocks this baby Alice in Wonderland costume. 10/10

Ok ok no

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Sandy from Grease: She’s already got the sass of a teenager! Chrissy shared a video of Luna’s reaction to this costume and she was not loving it. Too much pink? Maybe it was the jeans, either way she was not a fan and her face says it all. Agreed Luna, we understand. 7/10

.@caseypattersontv and the team at #lipsyncbattle sent an entire scene 😂😂😂 I love you guys so much

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Hula Dancer: Last but definitely not least, a HULA DANCER! Yes, a million times YES. This kiddo completely nailed it, maybe it was the perfectly tan skin and those precious brown eyes but she seemed to feel it too. Coconut bra and all, Luna killed the hula dancing game. And of course what’s a perfect costume without the most adorable picture ever? 11/10

Now that I’ve shared my Luna obsession with you all, we can end Halloween on the best note ever! Can’t wait until next year to see what Chrissy has in store.

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