Creative projects to beat quarantine boredom


Senior staff writer Stephanie Santillo proposes some do-it-yourself projects for those who are bored at home right now.  Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Senior staff writer Stephanie Santillo proposes some do-it-yourself projects for those who are bored at home right now. Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Many of those who are stuck at home are feeling the boredom kick in right about now. Try tackling a creative project to give your brain a break from school, Netflix and social media and beat this case of the blahs. Crafting or DIY projects can refocus your mind and add a little something new to your day. The ideas below are simple yet fun and don’t require many materials at all!

Vision Board

While you’re confined to your house, you can dream of the world outside or a time beyond the present. A vision board is an easy and fun way to make a plan and motivate yourself or just to dream, and you probably already have all the materials at home. You’ll just need some magazines, construction paper or cardstock, scissors and a glue stick. To construct a vision board, simply cut out pictures that you find inspiring and glue them to a plain piece of construction paper or cardstock. Pick a theme and keep your images within that theme. You could try a vision board focusing on health and wellness, career goals or the places you’d like to travel to in the future. 


Crafting short comic strips or a longer story can be fun for you and those you’re quarantining with. Gather some paper, colored pencils and markers and start drawing and writing. The beauty of a comic lies in its brevity. You can draw out a short joke or a humorous situation on paper, and it doesn’t take very long. Another great thing about comic strips and books is that you can insert yourself and your friends or family into the story you’re telling. If you share a funny narrative about you and your housemates’ lives in quarantine, they’ll surely appreciate the humor. 


Origami is almost like a brain teaser for your hands: Some of the steps may seem difficult, but there is a clear end result. The simpler origami designs can provide a nice quick break from studying, while the more difficult ones could require a bit more time to get them just right. Either way, you can make some cute little animals (or other objects) to brighten up your desk and give your brain a break! Since all this craft requires is some paper, most people should be able to make it at home. 


With not much else to do besides stare at a screen these days, now is the perfect time to look through the photos on your phone and plan or start a scrapbook. You can make one for yourself, your friends who are graduating soon or for your mom for Mother’s Day. You may not be able to get all the necessary materials since craft stores might be closed right now, but you can lay out how long you want your scrapbook to be and which photos you want to group together. Alternatively, if scrapbooking is not your thing, you can print some pictures and create a photo album, which doesn’t require as much work but is still just as heartfelt. 

DIY Beauty Products

If you want to show a little self-love while DIY-ing, try making your own beauty products like lip scrubs, hair masks or body sprays. You can quickly find a recipe for products like this by searching the internet, and many of the ingredients for these products can be found in a grocery store. These recipes often require few ingredients and are easy to make, so you can quickly whip up an effective lip scrub or relax and watch a show while your DIY hair mask sets.

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