Dear Liberals, Have You Lost Your Damn Minds?


Dear liberals, 

It is time to start preparing for a two-term Trump presidency. The number one priority for liberals in the United States of America ought to be winning this election, but loss seems inevitable at this point. Liberals have made the Democratic Party far too unattractive to the average voter. 

Only 27 percent of Democrats and 15 percent of Americans overall support police abolition, but the idea’s overwhelming unpopularity has not stopped it from dominating the news cycle. Fox News and President Trump have already begun accusing Joe Biden of supporting the abolition of police and prisons.  

“So what?” Democrats will say. “Joe Biden is not going to abolish the police, so these accusations are just more of the president’s lies.” Well, Joe Biden has not been entirely consistent about what his stance on police reform is, and the fact that many prominent liberals have vocalized support for police and prison abolition will lead voters to suspect Biden is downplaying the radicalism of his party and prospective administration. In other words, voters will choose President Trump over Biden because they think Biden is a Trojan horse for radical leftism. 

Worse still, it is now commonplace for Democrats to ignore the violence that has accompanied protests in Portland, Minneapolis and Kenosha, which are located within swing states. Representative Ayanna Presley, for example, referred to the Kenosha riots that have racked up millions of dollars in property damage as assemblies that “affirm the value, dignity and worth of Black lives.”  

By emphasizing the purported purpose rather than the gruesome reality of these “protests,” Democrats double-down on the mistake they make by advocating for the abolition of police—they signal to American voters that the Democratic Party does not care about the safety of their families or their communities.  

The problem is not that it is an election year. The problem is that Democrats should not be getting behind violent protests, prison abolition, and police abolition at all. In a much more peaceful America, perhaps it would not be absurd to imagine a world with no law enforcement. But we live in an America where there are more mass shootings than days in a year, not to mention all of the other violent crimes that are regularly committedPolice caught Dylann Roofthey shot and captured the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter and they shot and killed the Pulse nightclub shooter. How would violent criminals be subdued or stopped in a country without police? Where would men like Dylann Roof be put in a country without prisons? 

My point is not that the carceral and law enforcement systems in the United States of America are beyond reproach. My point is that these systems are necessary, that the vast majority of Americans can see that they are necessary and that campaigning to eliminate them alienates nine out of every ten voters from Joe Biden, who is the only hope we have for legitimate reform.  

And to those who claim that reform is impossible, I ask you: Were police and prisons just as bad today as they were 20, 50, or 100 years ago? The incontrovertible answer is no. If reform is not possible, how did the police and prisons get any better? 

In UConn’s Spring 2019 semester, I attended Turning Point USA’s “Campus Clash” event, which was hosted by three nationally-known right-wing speakers: Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk and Dave Rubin. Elsewhere on campus, the Youth for Socialist Action held a protest against the Campus Clash, which was attended by just about every left-wing student group at UConn.  

There I was, sitting in the theater and listening to Owens, Kirk and Rubin rant and rave about how spiteful, stupid and anti-American the protestors were. The protestors, who did not think TPUSA should even have had the right to invite Kirk to campus, likely had the same to say about people attending the Campus Clash.  

Dear liberals, if you truly want to bring about positive change, you need to abandon ludicrous and belligerent platforms like “Abolish Prison” and “All Cops Are Bastards.” Otherwise, this is the future you have to look forward to: two groups of people vilifying one another without ever communicating. By vilifying your opposition and promoting radicalism within your ranks, you create an atmosphere of polarization, hatred and fear. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is more beneficial to demagogues like President Trump than fear.  


A worried liberal 

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