Editorial: Jorgensen's new free tickets will offer new and important opportunities to students

Editorial: Jorgensen's new free tickets will offer new and important opportunities to students

Last week, the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts announced that for the first time, they would be offering free student tickets to all of their Fall events. Regardless, this initiative is a positive step forward for the University. UConn students should be able to freely access the arts, especially considering the fantastic programming we have in the center of our campus.

Letter to the Editor: Please Don’t Defend the Indefensible

As a UConn alumna whose graduate research concerns mass trauma, I was stunned and disappointed to read a Daily Campus Opinion article defending Rep. Ihlan Omar’s inexcusable rhetoric around 9/11. Cameron Cantelmo’s recent article was extraordinarily dismissive of the collective pain of victims, survivors, and witnesses of 9/11. 

Letter to the Editor: Addressing Sexual Violence with Compassion and Knowledge

Navigating being a victim of a crime, especially sexual assault, can be difficult and confusing. It’s not always clear to people what their rights are as victims, how to access services, or if they have any guarantee that they’ll be treated with respect during the criminal justice process. As a result, many survivors of crimes don’t get access to the rights and supports they are entitled to, and may be unable to continue with criminal justice proceedings at all.

Letter to the Editor: Censorship at UConn (AsACC)

Our seven-minute performance included monologues about the three provinces of Tibet. Each monologue was followed by dance from that province. The final dance was a popular Tibetan gorshey (circle dance), meant to symbolize unity. You can watch the entire performance recorded by UCTV for free. Several students, primarily international Chinese students, were disturbed by our performance and began booing.

Letter to the Editor: It’s More Complicated Than You Think: The Israeli-Palestinian Relationship

In light of the article that was published yesterday, I would like to share my experiences as a Jewish and pro-Israel student who has experienced Israel for what it truly is.

Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. When I traveled to Israel, I had the chance to see Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs live side-by-side in peace. One of the places I visited was a small Arab village called Jisr Az-Zarqa, located in Northern Israel. During my visit to this village, we had the chance to sit and talk with Arabs my age about their experiences living in Israel, the place they consider their home.

Health Insurance: Payments, plans and an unhealthy relationship

Health Insurance: Payments, plans and an unhealthy relationship

Healthcare insurance, which financially covers needed procedures and other medical services, can be particularly cryptic, even for the employers choosing which insurance package to purchase for their workers. Insurance brokers are essentially financial go-betweens for insurers and employers, presenting different health coverage options to companies and providing professional advice to make the process less intimidating.

Storrs Center: Evidence of the dire need for third places

So far, when talking about public and private issues, I have brought up such larger-than-life issues. These are important. Just as important, though, are the small ways in which the private sector oversteps its bounds into our life. With that, I wish to bring the issue of American “third places” to light.