Why you aren’t as separated from Christianity as you think 

Why you aren’t as separated from Christianity as you think 

In the past, Christianity did more to maintain power than to inspire a genuine need to discover the truth of human purpose. Now, to rid themselves of the taint of organized religion, people are choosing to identify as “spiritual” and deny Christianity has an influence in their lives.

Letter to the Editor: It’s More Complicated Than You Think: The Israeli-Palestinian Relationship

In light of the article that was published yesterday, I would like to share my experiences as a Jewish and pro-Israel student who has experienced Israel for what it truly is.

Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. When I traveled to Israel, I had the chance to see Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs live side-by-side in peace. One of the places I visited was a small Arab village called Jisr Az-Zarqa, located in Northern Israel. During my visit to this village, we had the chance to sit and talk with Arabs my age about their experiences living in Israel, the place they consider their home.