Letter to the Editor: Towers is treasure 4

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sean Rose (CLAS ‘09), and I must say, I read the previous letter written by Stephen Winchell (CLAS ‘08) with a sense of confusion. For a moment, it seemed as if Mr. Winchell had accidentally mailed in a rough draft of one of his many bizarre, poorly written fiction novels. I mean, when you get rejected by every reputable publisher out there, I guess mailing it into the Daily Campus would be your next best option! Why not!

But upon close examination, an even darker truth emerged: this was, in fact, Mr. Winchell’s sincere response to my previous letter. The man was apparently so badly eviscerated he couldn’t reply with anything but a bunch of whiny lies. I was hoping my last letter would force him to at least take a stab at something coherent, but of course I was expecting too much from a former West resident. My bad!

I will not respond to Mr. Winchell’s ludicrous, mean-spirited lies about chauffeurs and caviar and buying grades. I guess when you never wash your clothes, eat nothing but Flamin Hot Cheetos, and sleep through almost all of your classes, you’ll assume pretty much anyone with a modicum of hygiene as being “rich enough to buy anything [they] want.”

No, Mr. Winchell, its simply called taking care of yourself. Its called taking showers, eating well, and studying. You had the money and resources to do all of these things, and you didn’t take it. Instead you holed up in filthy West all day and all night, dedicating yourself to becoming one of the most repulsive creeps Storrs Mansfield has ever witnessed. And you take pride, in this! Good lord.

As for your claim about Towers residents “weeping and wailing” that night in 2008 - what kind of nonsense is this? Perhaps those voices you heard were inside of you, Mr. Winchell. Perhaps it was your soul, crying out, begging for a more desirable vessel. A vessel that had the good sense to brush its teeth once in a while, or ingest something besides Dubra and Monster Energy Drinks.

Or, how about this - one that could admit, once and for all, that Towers beats West.

Take a hike, Winchell. Towers Rules.

Sean Rose

CLAS, 09

Letter to the Editor: Towers is treasured 2

To whom it may concern:

My name is Sean Rose, and I’m an alumnus of the University of Connecticut (CLAS ‘09). With all due respect, I’m going to have to forgo the usual introductory pleasantries and get down to brass tacks here: I’m writing to you, with grave concern, about the letter you published by a Mr. Stephen Winchell (CLAS ‘08) the other week.

Mr. Winchell went out of his way to applaud the Daily Campus editorial staff for publishing my last letter, which he memorably deemed a “screed” (very ironic, considering his boorish, clunky writing, but I digress). Unfortunately, I can’t extend the same courtesy. In my view, the Daily Campus committed an act of grave irresponsibility in publishing Mr. Winchell’s last two letters. You are enabling the views of a man who is delusional beyond hope.

I mean, what else can you say about a man arguing that West is better than Towers? Anyone with any objective sense will tell you that pristine Towers is far, far superior to the trashy hole that is West. Mr. Winchell himself even admits as much, saying: ”Towers is no doubt an ornament on the crown of UConn.” Yet even after copping to this - and going on to admit that West has no dining hall or grab ‘n go, all but confessing that Towers is a better dorm - he somehow still comes to the ludicrous conclusion that West is better because “it has heart.” Hilarious, considering that I can’t imagine any better evidence against West residents having heart - or good sense! - than Mr. Winchell’s awful letters.

I want to make this clear: there is no “war” between the dorms of Towers and West, except for inside the twisted mind of Mr. Winchell. His signing of his last letter with “West Wins” should tell you as much. Why is there no rivalry? Because Towers is a better dorm than West. This is accepted fact, as anyone on the Storrs campus can attest. To continue to give Mr. Winchell a platform in your editorial page is massively irresponsible, and I urge you, Daily Campus editorial team, to put a stop to this once and for all. Do not publish any more of Mr. Winchell’s nonsense. Let the Truth Win.

With warm regards-

Sean Rose
CLAS ‘09