Election 2016: How to vote in November if you’re in Storrs


Following the conclusion of Tuesday’s primaries, things have quieted down in the political realm of Connecticut. (Justin Grimes/Creative Commons)

Voting in the general election while in Storrs: How to obtain an absentee ballot

Following the conclusion of Tuesday’s primaries, things have quieted down in the political realm of Connecticut.

Roughly 300,000 votes were cast in the Connecticut primary elections, according to the Associated Press. Compared to the state population of 3.5 million, the results are severely underwhelming. Millennials make up a large part of the United States population, and they’re also less likely to vote.

Various organizations on the University of Connecticut-Storrs campus helped students register to vote, affiliate with a party and obtain absentee ballots before Tuesday’s primary. 

Connecticut voters must have applied for an absentee ballot within 90 days of the election. Absentee ballots are mailed out to voters starting 21 days before a primary election. Absentee ballots are only counted if they arrive back before the close of polls on voting day, according to CT.gov.

The general election follows the same procedure, except that absentee ballots are mailed out to voters starting 31 days before Election Day. Emergency applications for an absentee ballot can be used within six days of an election. The general Presidential Election is on Nov. 8.

The secretary of state’s website lists “strict” rules for obtaining an absentee ballot, but if you will be out of town during all hours of Election Day, you are permitted to ask for an absentee ballot.

Other valid reasons for obtaining an absentee ballot include being an active member of the armed forces, having a disability, working at a polling site other than your own, being ill, or having religious beliefs that prohibit you from performing secular activities on Election Day.

All registered Americans 18 and older are eligible to vote in the general Presidential Election in November, regardless of party affiliation, unlike in the primary elections. Voters must be registered before obtaining absentee ballots or voting.

Students can register to vote and check if they’re registered to vote online at ct.gov/sots.

CONNPirg, a statewide student advocacy organization, helps register students to vote during the fall semesters. Look out for their table on Fairfield Way in the coming semester to register to vote in the general election. 

Claire Galvin is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at claire.galvin@uconn.edu.

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