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Saturday, August 13, 2022

How to get involved

The Daily Campus provides a number of ways for UConn students to get involved. We have five content production sections (news, life, opinion and sports) which any student can join simply by attending a meeting or getting in contact with an editor. The meeting schedule for spring semester 2022 is below. If you're not interested in writing or photography, you can join our production staff. They're the people responsible for putting our content into the print paper and website. Students can also participate in the business side of the paper as a receptionist, delivery driver, and more. All paid opportunities are listed below.

Section Meetings

For the spring 2022 semester, meetings for each section will take place on Sundays in The Daily Campus building (located between Buckley Residence Hall and Moe's). Each in-person meeting will also have an online option which will occur at the same time.


5 PM

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 454 330 4941

Passcode: 6rf6tC


7 PM

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 873 895 6487

Passcode: 163780


8 PM

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 827 7790 1658

Passcode: 64Mvnj


Paid opportunities

The Daily Campus has several paid positions available for students. Hiring generally occurs between semesters. In addition to positions listed below, students have the opportunity to be promoted to staff within our content production sections.


The Daily Campus is hiring for the following leadership positions for the 2022-2023 academic year. To apply for any of these positions, send a resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation, and unofficial transcript to harrison.raskin@uconn.edu, sam.zelin@uconn.edu, and grace.mcfadden@uconn.edu. Applications are due by 11:59 PM on April 10. 

Note: Those interested in applying for an associate section editor position will still apply as if they are applying for the section editor position. Ex. Any applicants interested in the Associate News Editor position will apply as if they are applying for News Editor. This does not apply to Associate Managing Editor and Associate Digital Editor.  

News Editor and Associate News Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring two editors to lead our News Section. The News Section of the paper covers events happening on campus, reports on administrative decisions and policies, and works on investigative pieces, among other coverage.

Life Editor and Associate Life Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring two editors to lead our Life Section. The Life Section of the paper covers on-campus events by various student groups, attends lectures given by various departments, reports on the happenings of student life and writes about arts and entertainment.

Sports Editor and Associate Sports Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring two editors to lead our Sports Section. The Sports Section of the paper covers the various athletic teams at UConn, interviews student athletes and coaches and can also create content about professional sports.

Opinion Editor and Associate Opinion Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring two editors to lead our Opinion Section. The Opinion Section of the paper writes op-eds on politics, foreign affairs, business, social issues and other events happening locally, nationally or internationally.

Photo Editor and Associate Photo Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring three editors to lead our Photo Section. The Photo Section of the paper coordinates with other sections to get pictures of lectures, events, sporting events and everyday life at UConn.

Associate Managing Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring an Associate Managing Editor. This position supervises print production for the Daily Campus in coordination with the Managing Editor.

Associate Digital Editor

The Daily Campus is hiring an Associate Digital Editor. The Digital Section of the paper is responsible for uploading all articles to and maintaining the Daily Campus website.


Interested in creating comings or illustrations for The Daily Campus? Contact managingeditor@dailycampus.com for more information. 


Staff writing, photography, and videography positions are available for returning members of The Daily Campus. Requirements vary by section. Reach out to individual editors for more information.