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How to get involved

The Daily Campus provides a number of ways for UConn students to get involved. We have six content production sections (news, life, opinion sports, photo, and artists) which any student can join simply by attending a meeting or getting in contact with an editor. The meeting schedule is below. If you're not interested in writing, photography or illustrations, you can join our production staff. They're the people responsible for putting our content into the print paper and website. Students can also participate in the business side of the paper as a delivery driver and more.

Section Meetings

For the fall 2023 semester, meetings for each section will take place on Sundays in The Daily Campus building (located between Buckley Residence Hall and Moe's). Enter the building via the loading dock in the back, go up the stairs on the right and in through the second-floor door.


5:00 PM



6:00 PM



7:00 PM



8:00 PM



10:00 PM



10:00 PM

Join the artists Discord!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply to join The Daily Campus?

Nope! Just show up.

I want to participate in photo or video, but I don’t have my own camera.

The Daily Campus has lots of photo and video equipment that we can rent out to people who take events!

I want to write for The Daily Campus, but I’m not good at writing/I’m not a journalism major/I’ve never written before.

It doesn’t matter! You absolutely do not need to be a journalism major to join the newspaper. Some of our best writers aren’t and we strongly encourage those from outside the major :).

I’m interested in design/copy editing/digital/photo producing.

We generally hire for these positions at the end of the semester or over breaks. This is because these positions generally start the night before the first day of classes each semester. If you’re interested in any of these positions, stay tuned for openings towards the end of this semester! Some involvement in one section is a great way to stay tuned into the hiring for these positions, as well as following us on Social Media and checking JobX. Copy editing and design are handled by our Managing Editor. Digital production is managed by our Digital Editor.

I’m interested in being a delivery driver.

We generally also hire for drivers at the end of the semester or over breaks. Stay tuned for openings! Some involvement in one section is a great way to stay tuned into the hiring for these positions, as well as following us on Social Media and checking JobX. Delivery driver hires are handled by our Business Manager and Circulation Manager.

I like creative writing. Does The Daily Campus ever publish fiction?

We unfortunately don’t, but there are a number of great publications on campus who do (e.g. our friends at Long River Review, Poetic Release, Literary Minds, and the Free Press).

I’m a branch campus student / distant commuter who can’t easily attend meetings on Sunday evenings.

That’s ok! You should still absolutely become involved, and will still be considered for staff and leadership positions (two of our previous section editors fit this category and host virtual meetings). Unfortunately, you’ll need to correspond directly with the section you’re interested in about their procedure for virtual involvement, but everyone will make accommodations if you can’t attend meetings. If you aren’t being accommodated, please contact eic@dailycampus.com and we will make sure you can become involved.

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