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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Harrison Raskin

Editor in Chief

Harrison Raskin is a junior from Avon, Connecticut studying Philosophy, Urban and Community Studies, and Spanish. Serving as the Opinion Editor, his writing often connects economics, grassroots politics, and environmentalism. Outside the Daily Campus, you can find him in the studio grinding romance-era piano, gaming, and occasionally posting @AskinRaskin on twitter and @harryisangry on Instagram.

Sam Zelin

Managing Editor

Sam Zelin is history and secondary social studies education dual degree major from Fairfield, Connecticut (although he is originally from Rhinebeck, New York). He is currently serving as the managing editor at The Daily Campus, as well as being a Staff Writer. When not doing something related to the DC, he enjoys fencing or just hanging out with his friends.

Grace McFadden

Digital Editor

Grace McFadden is a junior from Madison, CT majoring in English and American Studies. She is the digital editor at The Daily Campus. You can find Grace on the radio at WHUS or fencing with UConn's club fencing team. In her spare time, she likes reading, exploring the UConn Forest, curating her 200+ Spotify playlists, or making multiple cups of tea in a day.

Thomas Alvarez

News Editor

Thomas Alvarez is a senior from Stamford, CT pursuing a double major in English and history and a minor in film studies. He is returning as the news editor at The Daily Campus and has been writing for the News section since his freshman year. In his free time, Thomas enjoys hiking, camping, and watching movies.

Colin Piteo

Associate News Editor

Colin Piteo is a junior from East Hampton, CT pursuing a double major in History and Political Science with a minor in Latin American Studies. He is the current associate news editor at the Daily Campus and when he’s not running around to reach a deadline, he loves to relax outside, read over a cup of tea, or tend to his small summer box garden.

Jonathan Synott

Sports Editor

Jonathan Synott is a senior from Lisbon, Connecticut pursuing a major in chemical engineering with a minor in chemistry. He currently serves as the sports editor and has a weekly column “Husky History,” which highlights former UConn athletes and their achievements. When he’s not cheering on the Huskies or reading a good book, he can be found outside skiing, golfing, or kayaking.

Esther Ju

Life Editor

Esther Ju is a senior from Avon, CT double majoring in communication and journalism. She currently serves as editor of the Life section at the Daily Campus, having joined as a campus correspondent freshman year. Outside of the newspaper, you can find her driving to and from UConn (because commuting is so fun), eating copious amounts of Korean food and laughing at Liam Payne memes.

Joanne Biju

Associate Life Editor

Joanne Biju is a senior from South Windsor, Connecticut, majoring in political science and English. She is currently serving as associate editor of the Life section at The Daily Campus, where she writes for her column, "Let's Get Lit-erary." As a dancer and wannabe theater kid, Joanne is often jamming out to musicals with her not-so-perfect pitch. When she's not showcasing her vocals, she's probably hunched over a book, experimenting in the kitchen or trying her hand at a new hobby.

Stratton Stave

Associate Sports Editor

Stratton Stave is a sophomore from Eastchester, NY double majoring in Psychology and Economics. He currently serves as the Associate Sports Editor, writing his column "Stratton's Stand" while reporting on various UConn Sports. When he's not covering the Huskies or reading, he can be found on the ski slopes, playing pickup basketball or cooking with his dad.

Madeline Papcun

Opinion Editor

Maddie Papcun is a junior from Milford, Connecticut majoring in journalism and human development and family science. Currently, she works as the opinion editor, serves on the board of directors, and copy edits at The Daily Campus. When she’s not writing her next column, you can find Maddie hammocking around campus, running from her problems, or looking after her possums.

Nell Srinath

Associate Opinion Editor

Nell Srinath is a Political Science and Journalism double major from Avon, Connecticut. They are currently serving as the Associate Opinion Editor for the Daily Campus. Nell is involved in student activism but promises she has a personality outside of that. You might see them playing the banjo or skating around campus listening to Sidney Gish.

Erin Knapp

Photo Editor

Erin Knapp is a junior from Trumbull, Connecticut majoring in English and minoring in Spanish and American Sign Language interpreting. She is currently the Associate Photo Editor and has been taking photos for the paper since her freshman year. When she's not taking pictures, Erin enjoys running, playing way too much spider solitaire, and making her own cold brew.

Sofia Sawchuk

Associate Photo Editor

Sofia Sawchuk is a senior Chemistry major and Human Rights minor from Long Island, NY. She is currently the Associate Photo Editor, and has been taking photos for The Daily Campus since her freshman year. Aside from pursuing her passion for photography, in her free time you’ll most likely find her passionately cheering on the New York Rangers, bopping along to The Beatles or Simon & Garfunkel, discovering a new tv show or movie to add to her ever growing watchlist or enjoying a nice walk around campus (as the struggle of navigating the UConn bus system is real).

Charlotte Chen

Associate Digital Editor

Charlotte Chen is a sophomore from Weston, Connecticut majoring in materials science and engineering and biological sciences with minors in chemistry and molecular and cell biology. She currently works as the Associate Digital Editor. Outside of The Daily Campus, you can find her tending to her plants, reading, or biking around campus.

Janella Briones

Associate Managing Editor

Janella Briones is a senior from Milford, Connecticut pursuing a major in biological sciences. She is currently the Associate Managing Editor at The Daily Campus. Janella spends her free time hanging out with her dogs, making art and playing iPad games.

Zachary Wisnefsky

Business Manager

Zachary Wisnefsky is a senior from Southbury, Connecticut pursuing a major in Finance and minor in Film Studies. He is currently serving as the Business Manager of The Daily Campus. He also writes in the Life Section, penning movie reviews and the column "Box Office Breakdown". Outside the Daily Campus, you can find him watching movies, writing and directing short films, playing the keyboard, and eagerly awaiting Colts and Yankees games.

Van Nguyen

Advertising Director

Bio to come