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Headline: 13-year-old disabled dog rescued 

A construction site in California trapped an elderly blind dog before firefighters were able to rescue him, a Fox News article said. 

Cesar, the dog in question, fell into the hole on Tuesday evening after getting away from home, the article said. 

A search and rescue team in Pasadena looked for Cesar after his owner Mary alerted them that he was missing. Once Cesar was located, the article said it took the team just over 10 minutes to rescue the dog using various ropes and harnesses. 

The article said Cesar appeared healthy and unharmed before being returned to his owner. 

Headline: Cardi B going beyond rap 

Cardi B is most known for her singing career, but the rap star has just recently given back to a community close to her heart. 

The rapper donated $100,000 to the middle school she attended in the Bronx last week, a Today 

article explained. 

Cardi B said she hopes her donation will allow students to “stay out the streets or a troubled home,” according to the article. 

The surprise visit and donation were originally shared on the rapper’s Instagram account. 

In the caption of the post, Cardi B writes “This middle school, IS 232 in the Bronx, has a very special place in my heart!! It turned me from an 11 year old girl into a little teenage adult.” 

She also emphasized the importance the Bronx has had on her and the hope that her donation will create brighter futures for the children at her old school. 

“Like a lot of these kids I went through so much while I was going to school here. Experiences that changed me forever and made me who I am today,” Cardi B said. “I hope my donation can help create an amazing after school program that will help kids stay out the streets or a troubled home and most importantly allow them to learn something that they can take with them through LIFE.” 

Headline: Doctor performs a surgery in an unusual way 

A doctor stuck in traffic in India last Friday ran nearly two miles to the hospital where he works  to perform a patient’s surgery, a Good News Network article explained. 

The patient was waiting for a gallbladder surgery that Dr. Govind Nandakumar would not have made in time for if he hadn’t chosen to ditch his car and run to the hospital, the article said. 

With two additional surgeries that day and a patient awaiting another, Dr. Nandakumar said in the article that he knew the decision he had to make. 

The article said Dr. Nandakkumar successfully made it in time for his first surgery of the day and reported that the patient recovered well. 

To put the patients first, Dr. Nandakkumar put practicality aside. 

“I did not want to waste any more time waiting for the traffic to clear up,” Dr. Nandakumar said to the Times of India. “I did not want to keep them waiting for so long.” 

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