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Sweet and savory treats to enjoy this Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for some tasty treats to add to your Valentine’s Day menu, then look no further! I have compiled a list of some of the most popular Valentine’s Day-themed foods and snacks to help you celebrate.

Cupid’s cassette tape

Love is in the air! No need for Febreze, it won’t kill you! Valentine’s Day is magical: the ambiance, the energy exchanged and adventures to be had within those 24 hours.

The top 9 romance novels for Valentine’s Day

The top 9 romance novels for Valentine’s Day

The strange and mysterious history of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for people all around the world. Nowadays, celebrations consist of romantic (or platonic) displays of affection of varying magnitude.

A gal’s guide for Valentine’s Day outfits

When you think about Valentine’s Day, red, white, pink and sometimes purple are colors that come to mind.

A fair, federal America

We are living in divisive times, but President Joe Biden wants to bring unity. For this, I want to support a plan that will give all Americans fair representation and autonomy without being a partisan power-grab, like what occurred under the past few administrations (of both parties).