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Sunday, March 7, 2021

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Valentine’s Day movies for different moods

With COVID-19 still going on, staying in is the best way to stay safe this year. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s no better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than watching a great romantic movie.

How to love yourself on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to have a date or do something romantic. In reality, unless you are already in a relationship, it is hard to find any purpose in a holiday about love.

Tenderness in Tinder: A philosophical dive into online dating and digital love

In the age of the coronavirus, it is preferable to be lovesick rather than medically sick. About half of all singles between 18 and 29 in search for romance or sex have turned to online dating to limit the risk of falling prey to a disease far more calamitous than that of love.

A poem for you — yes, you! — from the editorial board

Don’t you wish You could take all the rubbish All the polish And with a flourish Of a pen, write it all away?