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Welcome to The Daily Campus Opinion Section! While by far the most open and exciting section of the newspaper, we do have some rules, which are laid out in this document. At risk of sounding like every 1000 level Professor on the first day of classes: Please consult this document first if you have a question about any of our policies or procedures. Don’t get us wrong — we love responding to your emails, but this system is easier and more efficient for everyone. If you’re still confused after reading through what’s here, please shoot us an email at opinion@dailycampus.com.
I. Pitching Standards
II. Writing Standards
III. Submission Standards
IV. Promotion and Staff Standards
V. Pay Standards


Pitching Standards

In order to be published, all writers must send in a pitch either by email or in person at the weekly Opinion section meetings on Sundays. For email submissions, any pitches should be sent as a reply to the weekly call for pitches. Pitches should be 1-2 sentences and include your preferred writing days and topic (including your argument/perspective!). We will give preference for writing days to in-person pitches and earlier emailed pitches.


Writing Standards

  • Articles should be 600-800 words long. Under exceptional circumstances, we can publish an abbreviated version (that you provide us) of a long-form article, the full version being published on the website.
  • At the top of each article should be your name, preferred pronouns, email, section, phone number, and article title. Your phone number won’t be shared, it’s just in case we need to clarify anything in your article.
  • The Daily Campus follows the AP Style Guide, which can be accessed here. If you are unsure about an AP Style rule, Google will yield accurate results for most AP questions.
  • Don’t indent paragraphs – just leave a space between each paragraph.
  • Articles should have a central argument which the piece revolves around. For the sake of the reader, it’s best to get into your argument quickly.
  • We require all statements that are not common knowledge to be sourced. Generally speaking, this includes statistics, academic studies or direct quotes. If you are unsure, source it!
  • In the Opinion Section we enjoy sourcing using hyperlinks, which can be applied by highlighting a given word or group of words, right clicking on them, and then pressing “Link”. Afterwards, input the URL of the source related to your claim. It’s good to place hyperlinks onto one or a few words which relate to the claim you’re backing up.
  • If sourcing a statistic or academic study, reference it in the body of the text as so: “According to NPR, Harrison is tall.”
  • We reserve the right to delay publication of any article if we do not believe it is appropriate for the Opinion section, or if we believe it contains hateful ideas or language. We strive toward a diversity of voices and opinions in our section, and we will work with writers in these circumstances.


Submissions Standards

  • If you are assigned “Wed-Thurs” as your writing day, that means you submit the article on Wednesday, and it is published on Thursday. Same goes for “Sun-Mon,” “Mon-Tues,” “Tues-Wed,” “Thurs-Fri.”
  • All non-staff writers must submit their articles to us at opinion@dailycampus.com by 3 p.m. on their submission day. We will return the article with edits within the hour. These may be sent as a word doc or google doc.
  • All articles must be submitted to stories@dailycampus.com by 5 p.m. the day they are due! Please cc opinion@dailycampus.com on your final submission. We can’t guarantee your article will be published the following day if your submission is later than this.
  • If for some reason you cannot submit your article on time or at all, please let us know as far in advance as possible. If a writer is repeatedly late they may be asked to submit articles in advance of 3pm the day before, and priority in staff hires is given to those with the least history of lateness.


Promotion and Staff Standards

  • There are several opportunities for paid staff positions in the Opinion section. Staff Writers get paid per article and are expected to write most weeks in the semester. Weekly Columnists are assigned a day in which they are expected to write every week as well as regularly participating in writing editorials. Opinion Editors manage the section on a short and long term basis, conduct hiring and pay, and workshop incoming pitches and articles. 
    1. Columnists, the Opinion Editors and the Editor in Chief of the Daily Campus combine to form the Editorial Board, which publishes editorials expressing the view of the entire newspaper on current events relevant to the UConn community. 
  • Requirements for Staff Writers:
    1. Participation in at least 2 semesters in the Opinion section or at least 10 articles for the Opinion section.
    2. Dedication to the section and consistent quality writing!
    3. Submission to the opinion email of the application materials found here: LINK
  • Requirements for Weekly Columnist:
    1. Participation in at least 2 semesters in the Opinion section or at least 10 articles for the Opinion section.
    2. Commitment to the section and availability for weekly Editorial Board meetings.
    3. Submission to the opinion email of the application materials found here: LINK
  • Staff Writers must write at least 9 articles per semester to remain on staff (approximately ⅔ of the weeks in a semester). We will make exceptions when there are serious circumstances, but the expectation as a paid writer is that you contribute consistently.
  • Staff Writers will be accepted on a rolling basis. Weekly Columnist applications are open at the beginning of every academic year or if/when there are openings on the Editorial Board.
  • Finally, Opinion Editors are hired at the end of each Academic year by the Managing Editor, the Digital Editor and the Editor in Chief of the Daily Campus. The Opinion Editors will disseminate more details about the application process towards the end of the year.


Pay Standards

  • While each article may take a different amount of hours to complete, Opinion decides (along with all other sections) to compensate for a specific, slightly different number of hours depending on the variety of content produced. 
  • Staff Articles (written by Staff Writers) are compensated at a rate of 1.5 hours per article. 
  • Weekly Columns (written by Weekly Columnists, and Opinion Editors) are compensated at a rate of 2 hours per article. 
  • Editorials (written cooperatively by the editorial board) are compensated at a rate of 1 hour per article, to whomever creates the first draft of the editorial. 
  • Opinion Editors are the only positions compensated for non-article hours. The opinion editor is compensated for 6 hours of work, and the Associate Opinion Editor is compensated for 4 hours of work weekly. 
  • All hours in the section, for articles or otherwise, are compensated at Connecticut’s Minimum Wage