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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Life looks a bit different on campus this year. However, even a pandemic can’t stop us from rolling out our special Valentine’s Day issue. This is the fifth time the Life section has taken on this arduous endeavor, and now more than ever, we are reminded of how love – romantic, platonic and beyond – can find ways to adapt, just as we do. College is a strange experience right now, and we tried to represent all forms of love, sex and relationships on campus through our survey and student pieces. Whether Valentine’s Day means a lot for you and your significant other, is a corny celebration or it’s just another day, we’ve got all kinds of media and reading material to enjoy: a history lesson, inexpensive meals to cook, a writer’s experience on Tinder and more. Thank you to everybody who took our love and sex survey – your input is greatly appreciated, and get ready to take it again next year! A lot of love went into this extended issue. We hope you find levity, truth and thoughtfulness within its pages, maybe inspiring some important conversations, or at least some fun when social interaction is in short supply. Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for reading!


Hollianne Lao, Life Editor

Rebecca Maher, Associate Life Editor