‘This is Us’ Season 3 off to a slow but promising start

By Alexis Taylor • September 26, 2018 • 6:00 a.M.

Tuesday night, season three of NBC’s flagship show “This Is Us” premiered and I’m not sure how to feel.

In the last minutes of the season two finale the creators hinted at what’s to come in season three, and it looked heart wrenching. As Randall gave his speech at Kate’s wedding, the camera flashes forward to Kevin and Zoe, Beth’s sister, en route to Vietnam with a picture of Jack and his team in uniform, to Toby laying in bed as Kate talks about changing his medication, to an aged Randall and Tess talking about not being ready to see an unnamed woman.

Why is Toby off his antidepressants? Will Kevin and Zoe get together? And the most burning question, who is the ‘her’ Randall is dreading visiting? Could it be Daja because she wrecked his car? Is it Beth? Something awful would have to happen but after Jack who knows where the creators would draw the line.