Top seats in Undergraduate Student Government run uncontested


For the first time in five years, the UConn Student Government (USG) presidential election is going uncontested. In recent years, several campaigns, including the last two presidential elections, finished with the disqualification of a candidate.

The presidency, vice presidency, and comptroller seats are all uncontested this year. The comptroller oversees UConn Student Government (USG) operations, and it is not unusual for this position to be uncontested.

Rachel Conboy is said to be likely to win the presidency with running mate Adam Kuegler. Conboy is running uncontested largely because other potential candidates considered her “unbeatable,” said Speaker of the House Kevin Alvarez.

Conboy’s victory is not automatic, but expected. Write-in candidates can challenge the candidacy, but only her name is on the ballot. Incumbent president Mark Sargent wants to keep the focus on government and not the upcoming race.

“We are at a crossroads with elections,” Sargent said, “the focus seems to be on elections, but we’ve got six weeks in the semester to make sure we get done what we’ve promised.”

Under Sargent the USG changed its policy to increase the role of the Elections Oversight Committee (EOC). The EOC is responsible for ensuring that the elections go without a hitch.

In fall 2014, the USG added Kailee Himes as Director of the EOC. In a February interview, Sargent said he believes Himes has done a “phenomenal job” in the role. Himes’ main task is to see that fewer elections end in disqualifications this year.

Alvarez said he thinks this year’s elections will run smoothly.

“Generally we see disqualifications at higher levels of the government,” he said. “I don’t see this as being a problem as long as the presidency is uncontested.”

Elections opened on Wednesday and will remain open until Friday night at 5 p.m. Students are encouraged to vote at For questions, contact Becca Herman at or call (860) 486-6588.

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