The 2015 Daily Campus Housing Guide



The Alumni Residence Halls, sometimes refereed to as the Alumni Quadrangle, is made up of four buildings—Watson, Eddy, Brock and Belden. The following Learning and Special Interest Communities are located in these buildings: Business Connections, Community Service, Innovation House, La Comunidad Intelectual, Leadership, Public Health House, WIMSE and Honors.

While each building has its own laundry area, mail is only delivered to Watson. For students wishing to live in a comfortable double or triple, this dorm could be right for you. Notably, Alumni is in the south western corner of campus and is a walk from the Chemistry and Austin building. However, it is directly between McMahon and South dining halls, granting an easy variety of dining selections.


While John D. Buckley Hall and Shippee Hall are slowly becoming solely Honors freshmen housing, Shippee remains a possible selection for returning students. The building contains 145 doubles; most share a common bathroom but others have a private bathroom.

This building contains the Fine Arts, Connecting With the Arts, Humanities and First Year Honors learning communities. For students pursuing a degree in the arts, Shippee is a perfect selection due to its close location to the Art building. The closest dining halls are Buckley and East.

Connecticut Commons

Connecticut Commons, also known as CTC or CT Commons, is considered the most central dormitory on campus. The building is made up of 14 halls named after Connecticut towns. It contains single rooms, typically in a suite style that places three students on each side of a connecting bathroom.

The hall is for continuing Honors students, but it is not unusual to know of a few students who are not in Honors yet room there. There are two washing machines and three dryers in the each of the basements of Colchester, Farmington, Lyme and Preston; it can be difficult to obtain time for laundry.

Garrigus Suites

Harry Lucian Garrigus Suites is a co-ed building that features two three-person suites connected by a bathroom as well as single rooms. The laundry room features a selection of washers and dryers, which are obtainable especially during off hours.

The suites sit above campus, overlooking most of student activities from afar. For those who complete Bodywise classes, this building is one of the most convenient on campus. But beware, walking up and down those stairs will certainly be a kick in the butt for those who have avoided exercise during their time on campus.

Nathan Hale Inn

Due to an increase in students on campus, Residential Life took over Nathan Hale Inn in recent years. Students there live in triples that are cleaned by housekeeping services twice per week.

The hotel supplies the wireless and mail is delivered to the front desk. In addition, students can use the Nathan Hale Inn gym and pool facilities and can invite one guest with them.

Due to the lack of a game room, Nathan Hale Inn residents are welcomed to visit the Rome Commons’ game room and study in Snow or Rome Commons’ study spaces.

Charter Oak Apartments

For many UConn students, Charter Oak Apartments is not considered on-campus housing. But Residential Life claims that those 619 students are still on-campus.

The complex contains six three-storied buildings and a community center. The housing options include apartments of four singles or two doubles. Individual apartments are single-sex and cable TV and internet is provided.

Most students cook their own food and use the bus system as the buildings are far from the center of campus. However, the community does have its own pool tables, volleyball courts and basketball courts, essentially becoming its own area.

Hilltop Dorms

The Hilltop Dorms are situated midway up the hill of Alumni Drive. Most significantly, the dorms are within close proximity to the Putnam Dining Hall and Bodywise fitness classes located inside the Israel Putnam refectory.

Easy access to mailboxes makes the Hilltop Dorms desirable and convenient since everything you need is situated close by. Blue and Red bus lines collect residents daily and run through campus to many bus stops. If you are looking for convenience, close proximity to a dining hall, a Grab and Go and fitness classes that do not require a trip to the Recreation Center, then the Hilltop Dorms are a great fit for you.

Towers Residence Halls

Towers residence halls are located on the northeast side of campus. They serve as residence for Pharmacy house and many other underclassmen.

If you stand facing northeast from the Chemistry building, you can see a massive water tower on top of a hill near Husky Village, hence its name, Towers. Gelfenbein Commons (nicknamed “Towers” by residents), the dining hall that serves the greater Towers community as well as the Fraternity and Sorority students who reside in Husky Village includes vast dining options, including culinary options for Kosher and Hallal observant students.

Blue and Red bus lines pick up and drop off students right outside the dining hall. Convenience and the Pharmacy academic learning community attract many underclassmen to live in Towers.

Hilltop Apartments

The Hilltop Apartments are great for upperclassmen that are looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of the main part of campus. Students can select living in Double Efficiency, Two Bedroom/Four Person, or Four Bedroom/Four Person housing.

Amenities include the Hilltop Apartments Community Center and close proximity to Putnam Dining Hall and Bodywise classes inside the Israel Putnam Refectory.

Blue and Red bus lines are available for students to avoid the hassle of walking to the main campus. Students can enjoy breathtaking views of the baseball and softball fields and an apartment community that is very desirable of the Storrs campus.

Mansfield Apartments

The Mansfield Apartments are incredibly convenient for a Husky that wants to live near Storrs Center. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also feature easy access to campus on either the Yellow or Green bus lines.

Students can choose a community on-campus meal plan in order to dine at the nearby South Campus dining hall. The apartment lifestyle in Mansfield is made easy with the Price Chopper adjacent to Storrs Center and walking distance from the Mansfield Apartments.

Students who choose to live in Mansfield Apartments can expect the convenience of apartment-style living, while distanced far enough from campus to have the feel of off-campus living.

Busby Suites

The Busby Suites are located behind the North and Northwest dorms and dining halls. Busby is great for a student looking for options, and is especially beneficial to a student that seeks the convenience of not having to share a bathroom with an entire floor. The triple rooms make sharing an adjacent bathroom easy.

A full game room includes a TV and DVD player, pool and ping pong tables, and is great for residents looking to relax and unwind after a busy day. There are amenities that include study rooms and a community kitchen. Residents can leave their bedrooms to study without having to go all the way to the library.

Northwood Apartments

The Northwood Apartments are great for students looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Storrs campus. Northwood residents can enjoy the luxury of a laundry room and a mail area.

Each unit has two bedrooms, a single bath, a living room and a kitchen. The Purple line shuttles students to campus every day from Northwood, making living in the area easy.

Northwood Apartments feature hot water, heat, electricity, basic cable, maintenance services, trash and snow removal services. If you are looking to move away from the busy campus life, the Northwood Apartments may be for you.


If you want something with a different feel than the rest of UConn, try East. The old-fashioned dorms and Whitney Dining Hall are beautiful, fostering the image of the classic New England college campus, and provide a warm and cozy atmosphere as opposed to the almost sterile feeling of some of the other dorms on campus.

East isn’t as far away as it feels – it’s a quick walk to the center of campus, but it offers the quickest access to Horsebarn Hill and the Dairy Bar. East may not be for everyone, but if it’s for you, you couldn’t ask for anything better.

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