Oaks on the Square delays force students to commute


Construction crews are seen at The Oaks on the Square apartment complex in Storrs Center on Aug. 27, 2015. UConn students still awaiting apartments will be commuting or staying in hotels until the construction is completed. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

New apartments in The Oaks on The Square were not ready for the original move in date of August 27, so University of Connecticut students will be commuting or staying in hotels until the construction is completed.

There are 204 new apartments that house 440 residents, many of which are still undergoing final construction or inspection.

“It is hard to say when exactly each unit will be done because each vendor has their own timeline,” Susan Jennings, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Marketing, said, “It’s an unfortunate situation but it is what it is.”

Some apartments have been cleared, but hopefully the rest will be by the end of the week, Jennings said.

The Oaks on the Square is offering students whose apartments are not ready a storage unit starting on August 27, a free moving team on the day the apartment is ready, $200 a day for meals and incidentals for students who choose to commute until the apartment is completed, a free hotel room if students choose not to commute and $100, Jennings said.

Additionally, rent paid for days that the apartment is not ready will be credited back to the student, Jennings said.

“This is definitely an expense we haven’t planned on and have never had before,” Jennings said, “hopefully we will get as many people moved in as soon as possible.”

Students will be staying in various hotels including the Holiday Inn in Vernon, the Days Inn in Vernon, Rodeway Inn in Willington and the Best Western Inn, Jennings said.

The Oaks on The Square will be providing shuttle transportation from these hotels to the UConn campus, Jennings said.

Currently, the loop from the hotels to campus is around two hours, Jennings said, but that is subject to change depending on how many students end up staying in the hotels.

For commuting students, UConn has provided spaces in the C lot until construction is complete. 

Students have been understanding about the situation, Jennings said.

One student was first notified that the apartment might not be completed as scheduled at the end of July.

This student chose to commute until the apartment is ready because he lives within a 30-mile radius of UConn.

The Oaks on The Square have been sending daily updates on construction to residents of new apartments, including on weekends, the student said.

These updates include construction activity, move-in timetable, leasing office hours, rent and compensation clarification and a shuttle schedule.

“They have been phenomenal about the whole situation,” the student said.

Emma Krueger is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at emma.kruger@uconn.edu.

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