Luke Gatti posts apology video on personal YouTube channel


Luke Gatti made international news this October when a video captured his drunken assault of a Union Street Market manager after he was denied jalepeño mac and cheese. Gatti released an apology video on YouTube Monday night.

The original video received over two million views on YouTube before it was taken down this week. Gatti’s apology video, titled “Drunk UConn Student Apology Mac and Cheese” has fewer than 400 plays one night after its release. 

“I am ashamed of myself,” Gatti says in his apology, “The thing that has always gotten me into trouble is my big mouth.”

Some UConn students said they think the apology is disingenuous.

“Something about the video bothers me… I don’t trust it,” said allied health sciences major Jack Sawyer. “He has done things like this before, so I am not going to start believing him now.”

Sawyer refers to a Sept. 2014 arrest at UMass Amherst  when Gatti reportedly insulted officers with racial slurs and assaulted another officer. 

Some students said they are tired of the Luke Gatti saga that has persisted over the past two weeks.

“I do not want to hear any more about this,” said human development and family studies major Jefferson Tolson, “I hear students talking about it and, at this point, I tune it out.”

In the video Gatti apologized to the Union Street Market manager he assaulted, his friends and family, UConn students and the University of Connecticut.

The University of Connecticut will not release public comment on the apology video said UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

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