Column: Stephen Curry making golden statement


Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, left, beats Minnesota Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins to the ball during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, in Minneapolis. The Warriors won 129-116. (Jim Mone/AP)

The Golden State Warriors are the best team the NBA has seen in years. They still have an undefeated record, and it is one week from Thanksgiving. The team has simply looked unstoppable behind the play of their MVP point guard Stephen Curry.

The reigning MVP is averaging nearly 34 points, six rebounds and five assists through the first dozen games. He is averaging ten more points per game than he did last year. His field goal percentage has also increased from 48 percent to 52 percent. He is hands down the MVP through the first month of the season. Other players like Andre Drummond and LeBron James have also been playing spectacular basketball, but their teams are not 12-0. 

Curry, however, is not the only Warrior capable of having a jaw-dropping performance. They have a loaded cast—part of the reason why they are so dangerous.

Curry’s partner in crime, Klay Thompson, is averaging a cool 15 points per game. The scary thing about Thompson is that he is capable of erupting for 40 points on any given night.

As you move down the Warriors’ bench you will find the heart and soul of the defense, Draymond Green. Green is an absolute stud on defense. He is strong enough to body up big men with his 6’7,’’ 230-pound frame, but he is also quick enough to guard small forwards off the dribble. He is off to another stat-stuffing season this year. He is averaging 12 points, seven assists and eight rebounds per contest.

So, if by some odd reason you didn’t know, now you know: the Warriors are a very good team. They have a shot at the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ 72 game season. They even have a chance to break the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers 33 game win streak. I say this because they are 12-0, but everything has to be put into perspective. 

The Warriors have not faced a lot of competition this year. Their most impressive win was on the road against the Memphis Grizzlies on Nov. 11. After that, the wins are from games they should have won. A championship team like the Warriors is expected to beat teams like the Nets, Raptors, Pistons and Kings.

Golden State has a long road ahead of them. Their next two games are at the Clippers and against the Bulls. These will be tough games. They were fortunate to have the Clippers at home the last time they played. It will be interesting to see how this so called rivalry game will play out in Los Angeles. 

 However, all the talk and flash of a 72-10 season has not appeared to phase the Warriors yet. An NBA Championship is the only thing that should be on their minds; all of the other things will come in time.

That NBA Championship does not look too far out of reach as of right now, though. The Warriors are the best shooting team in the NBA. They are simply never out of a game. They are capable of banging down a couple three’s and converting on a couple transitions like it is a video game. 

They proved everyone wrong last year, myself included. People did not think a team could “shoot” its way to an NBA championship. Critics believed the Warriors’ luck would eventually run out. People did not think they could remain that hot from downtown in a seven game series. People know better now.

However, as I said before, everything must be put in perspective. The Warriors were fortunate to play a Cleveland Cavaliers team that was missing two of their three best players. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were both injured during the NBA Finals. It was LeBron James vs. a “super team.” The series reminded me of the movie, Superman II.  That was the movie where Superman had to fight three super villains that also had his powers, a three on one match. Like Superman, James was all alone against a star-studded Golden State squad.

Do not get me wrong, none of this information is meant to take anything away from the Warriors. They were the best team last year, and they are definitely the best team this year. However, it provides a great storyline if those two teams meet in June for an NBA Finals rematch.

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