Preview: ‘Star Fox Zero’ warps In


The “Star Fox Zero” game aims for release in April of 2016. (Screenshot/Star Fox Zero website)

After a hiatus of nearly a decade, the “Star Fox” series is finally returning with the upcoming “Star Fox Zero,” which will be co-developed by Platinum Games.

Platinum Games is known for their work on “Bayonetta,” “Vanquish” and both “Devil May Cry” and “Viewtiful Joe” under the name Clover Studios. The studio is also working on the upcoming “NIER Automata,” so many people are excited to see how they work on “Star Fox Zero.”

The game was originally planned to be released in November 2015, but was delayed to April 22, 2016 to allow more polish – and the improvements are already showing. On YouTube, a comparison video was published, exhibiting older footage of the game alongside newer footage. Clearly, there have been remarkable improvements in visuals.

Nintendo claims the game has no place chronologically in the series – ergo, it is neither a prequel nor sequel – as much as the “Zero” subtitle wants to tell us otherwise. However, the game takes a lot of gameplay inspiration from the classic “Star Fox 64,” which many “Star Fox” fans consider to be the peak of the series, with later titles such as “Star Fox Assault,” “Star Fox Command” and especially “Star Fox Adventures” being met with mixed reception.

The new developer, Platinum Games, is already carefully adding interesting new mechanics, such as new vehicles. The titular character of the series and leader of the Star Fox squad, Fox McCloud, can now transform his airborne Arwing craft into a walking mech reminiscent of the AT-STs from “Star Wars.” This is also a change from previous iterations of the “Star Fox” series, since normally each vehicle was separate from one another.

Similarly, one new vehicle is a flying tank connected with the classic Landmaster vehicle that initially appeared in “Star Fox 64.” Thus far, there isn’t much we’ve seen of the game beyond a duo of preview videos, but with Platinum being involved with the game, we can certainly expect high-speed action that could easily run at 60 frames per second, fitting in with many Wii U titles as well as most of Platinum Games’ previous work.

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