Review: ‘Scream Queens’ finale approaches


The finale for Scream Queens has set the stage to reveal the vicious Red Devil killer. (Flickr)

As the two-hour season finale of Fox’s “Scream Queens” approaches, viewers hope not only to learn the identity of the vicious Red Devil killer, but also for a satisfying conclusion after a hit-or-miss first season.

In “Scream Queens’” previous episode, “Black Friday,” the sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau—led by Emma Roberts’ Chanel Oberlin—decided to kill Dean Munsch, the unscrupulous head of Wallace University whom the girls assume is the Red Devil killer.

However, nothing the girls try, including poisoning and nearly half-an-hour spent in a cryogenic stall, can kill the Dean, played masterfully by the original scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The end of the episode also came with a surprising twist, in which student journalist-slash-detective Pete (Diego Bonita) prepared to skip town and before doing so, declared that he was a “murderer,” though many viewers do not believe he is the main Red Devil killer.

Since the deaths of two of the three members of the Red Devil team—frat boy Boone (Nick Jonas) and the eccentric Gigi (Nasim Pedrad)—viewers have been desperate to uncover who the remaining Red Devil is.

According to E! Online, “Scream Queens” co-creator Ryan Murphy stated that the identity of the Red Devil killer is “obvious.”

The first hour of the finale is entitled “Dorkus,” which is presumably a reference to Melanie Dorkus, the former president of Kappa Kappa Tau whose skin was nearly burned off during a spray tanning incident that took place before the events of the first episode.

Possible culprits behind the spray tan mix up include Chanel, who was disinvited from spring break by Melanie right before the deadly spray tan occurred, and Grace (Skyler Samuel), who was recently revealed to have been visiting campus and the Kappa house on the day of the accident.

Viewers can expect for this mystery to be solved, in addition to the identity of the Red Devil Killer, during the finale. However, the main concern many have is whether or not the episode will serve as a satisfying conclusion.

The first half of “Scream Queens’” first season was middling, with a few witty insights on Greek life and college hook up culture mixed in with many tasteless and offensive attempts at humor, such as when Chanel assigns the nicknames “Deaf Taylor Swift,” “Predatory Lez,” “Neck Brace” and “Hoodrat” to the Kappas’ incoming pledge class. 

However, the second half of the season has been marked by a vast improvement in storytelling and drama, with major characters such as Gigi and Boone finally meeting the shocking and grisly ends that viewers were looking for since the first episode.

Additionally, main character Chanel Oberlin has grown vastly more likable as the show has progressed, transforming from a spoiled, whiny sorority president to a selfish-yet-clever antihero that the audience can’t help but love—or at least enjoy watching.

Hopefully the “Scream Queens” finale will maintain the momentum the show has picked up over the past few weeks and deliver a jaw-dropping and climactic conclusion to its first season. 

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