PlayStation debuts newest titles over live broadcast to fans


The announcement of the newest “Act Combat” video game, “Ace Combat 7,” was among the news broadcasted live from the Playstation Experience event in San Francisco on December 7. (Courtesy/Playstation)

This past Saturday, the PlayStation brand gave a live broadcast from San Francisco via the live streaming website Twitch, where the brand showcased some upcoming titles and announced some new ones.

To start off, we saw actual gameplay footage from the “Final Fantasy VII” remake coming to the PlayStation 4. The combat seems to be more action-based, like the “Kingdom Hearts” series, or the upcoming “Final Fantasy XV.” It also was announced shortly after the event that the remake of “Final Fantasy VII” would be episodic, as Square-Enix made a statement that if the game was kept on one disc, much of the content would be cut from the original.

Square-Enix emphasizes that this episodic format allows for certain segments from the original to stay in the remake, such as an arc where the protagonist, Cloud, needs to cross-dress to infiltrate an inn. It is unknown when the game will be released, though it was only announced this past year.

We also saw more games that would be compatible with PSVR, the virtual reality headset meant to be a competitor with the Oculus Rift and similar devices. There was an exhibition of “Rez Infinity,” a remake of the classic Playstation 2 title that had dazzling, surreal visuals and music.

There also was the announcement of “Ace Combat 7,” the first numbered title in the series for nearly a decade, after “Ace Combat 6” for the Xbox 360. “Ace Combat 7” had a brief teaser that immediately showed the series returning to its fictional setting, rather than the real-world romps of the critical failure, “Ace Combat: Assault Horizon,” and the free-to-play “Ace Combat Infinity.”

Notably absent from the conference were several anticipated titles, including “The Last Guardian.” An initial presenter at the meeting wore a black t-shirt with Crash Bandicoot on it, a character iconic to the PlayStation One, but no titles involving this marsupial were seen. “Kingdom Hearts III” was also absent, despite the confirmation that the game would feature the Disney movie “Big Hero Six,” earlier this year. Finally, the racing title “Gran Turismo Sport” was not present, leaving fans of the series with only the Paris Games Week teaser to go by.

The racing game is said to feature a collaboration with the FIA, the European governing body in charge of making rules and regulations for major series such as Formula One and the World Endurance Series. The absence of all these titles could be because more substantial trailers for these games are being saved for next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and that the Playstation Experience is an event reserved for comparatively lower-key titles.

Regardless, many fascinating titles made their debut, including the confirmation of a release date for “Yakuza 5,” and the confirmation that “Yazuka Zero” would be coming to the U.S. market. This year’s Playstation Experience certainly made it a little more interesting to be a Playstation 4 owner, either way.

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