Hillside Road Extension opening set to ease traffic on Route 195


The Hillside Road Extension was completed on Dec. 18. The project to connect Route 195 and North Eagleville Road took 18 months. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

After 18 months and $12.4 million, the highly-anticipated Hillside Road Extension and over a mile of additional bike path to alleviate traffic on Route 195 and North Eagleville Road, was completed on December 18.

To evaluate whether or not the road is having the desired effect “University logistics is currently undertaking traffic studies and vehicle counts to assess the traffic flows,” said director of planning, architectural and engineering services Brian Gore.

While the study is in progress this spring, the final landscaping phase will be underway.

“Landscape restoration and completion was always planned to occur in the spring of 2016 when the plant growing season is conducive to germination,” Gore said.

When spring does come, the road, which passes through a wetlands area, will not disrupt the amphibians mating season due to its three wetland crossings. Two of the crossings are large culverts, while the third, closest to route 44, is a concrete bridge, Gore said.

 Currently, there are no buildings in use alongside the extension road, but the $162,300,000 Innovation Partnership building (IPB) is well under way. “IPB is an 113,700 GSF research building that will house state-of-the-art specialized equipment and instrumentation for nanofabrication, precision manufacturing, biomedical devices/sensor development, advanced modeling/simulation and material characterization,” according to the construction progress report number one, January 2016.

“The superstructure (of IPB) is now well underway and the structural steel frame will be completed in March 2016,” Gore said. “Other buildings will be constructed in accordance with the Tech Park Master plan.”

When completed, IPB is intended to help create “industry partnerships for research, innovation technology commercialization and job growth for the State of Connecticut,” according to the progress report.

The next tech park building to be built, however, has not been identified or funded as of now.

 IPB is set to be occupied in May of 2017.

Julia Werth is the news editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at julia.werth@uconn.edu.

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