UConn Fire Department hires 2 new firefighters


The UConn Fire Department has hired two new firefighters this spring semester.

Anthony Mero and Benjamin Roper both joined the department’s operations division within the last month, Deputy Chief Gregory Priest said.

Mero was hired after receiving the military fire academy qualification, and began working on Jan. 8, 2016.

Roper’s entrance into the department, however, was delayed as he finished up his training at the fire academy, Priest said.

“He was hired in August and went to the academy for the intensive residential fire recruit program,” Priest said. “He graduated in December and is now working at the firehouse.”

Roper, who grew up in Tolland Conn. said he did not always know he wanted to be a fire fighter. Roper, however, said he did spend some time volunteering at the Tolland Fire Department during high school.

After spending time at the fire station, he “fell into” becoming a fire fighter. Roper said he enjoys his profession because of how dynamic it is, with every day being different.

Since being on the job, Romper has said he has received a lot of calls, but there are also days that are especially slow.

“That’s the main reason that I picked this job. You’re not by a desk, and every day is different,” Roper said.

And working for UConn is even more exciting for Roper.

“UConn is very respectable. I knew some of the guys from a few years past, and I grew up in the area so I knew it was a good department to work for,” Roper said.

The department also hired John Way, Priest said, as a new firefighter/fire inspector this past December. He said he is thrilled to have all of these new faces join the department.

“Both have approached their new jobs with a very eager and positive outlook,” Priest said. “The department will also benefit greatly from their experience and motivation.”

Katie Cavanaugh is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at katie.cavanaugh@uconn.edu.

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