Husky OneCard failure interrupts dining hall, HuskyBuck access


A sign at Homer Babbage Library describes a system failure of the OneCard identification system on Jan. 21, 2016. The OneCard is used to access a variety of services at the university, including meal plans, Recreation Center access amongst others. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

A system-wide failure of the OneCard Identification system occurred Thursday.

The OneCard system is used to access everything from the students’ meal plans, to their HuskyBuck accounts, the Recreation Center, and their residence halls. There were no immediate reports of issues with residence hall access.

“Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon but we don’t really know right now.” said Chuck Couture, Dining Services Assistant Director of Retail Operations.

The failure of the meal plan system means students are unable to swipe into dining halls, purchase food at the Union using points, access their HuskyBuck balances, or use the printers at the library.

“OneCard is having a campus-wide issue on their network which they are currently working to resolve,” stated a sign posted by the library printers. “We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this matter.”

In the meantime Dining Services is working to inconvenience the students as little as possible, both in the dining halls and the Union.

“We don’t really know the problem, that’s at the OneCard Office, but we’re trying to fix it as best we can,” said Couture. “What we’re doing is taking down every student’s name and ID number, so the lines are really long if you’re in a hurry.”

The University was not immediately available for comment.

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