Review: Mooyah, the meat in Storrs Center


The burger is a classic American food. Mooyah offers the best option for UConn students. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

Burger joints are a staple of American culture, but for most UConn students, the options are limited. Mooyah remains one of the only options for students looking for a traditional burger place, so we’re fortunate that the restaurant is as good as it is.

Underneath the sign outside of Mooyah, visitors read, “Burgers, Fries, Shakes.” Let’s start with the fries. The first thing that anyone who orders fries from Mooyah will notice is that the portions are massive. An order of small fries would be considered a medium or large at many other restaurants, and an order of large fries practically requires its own bag to haul around. As for the fries, they come in regular and sweet potato variety, but both are improved with a few helpings of salt.

Of course, the burgers are the main appeal at Mooyah, as the sandwich is even worked into the company’s logo. When you order a burger, it’s prepared right in front of you, as only a small glass barrier separates the customer from the food preparation area. The cooks don’t take any obvious shortcuts or make you suspicious of how quickly your burger was prepared. However, this can lead to longer waits during the busier hours of the day.

Without a doubt, the busiest time to visit Mooyah is any Tuesday afternoon or evening, when the restaurant runs their “Mooyah for twoyah” promotion. It encourages customers to bring friends and groups and order together, which can lead to significant delays. But Mooyah never claims to be a fast food restaurant, so one can hardly fault them for not cutting corners just so they can process customers faster.

Mooyah also proudly displays an advanced soda machine with a touch screen that enables users to select not only a soda brand but also a variation on that soda, such as cherry sprite or grape fanta. It’s not exactly futuristic, but it will be of great interest to those with particular soda tastes. The downside is that every now and then someone will get completely bamboozled by the machine, creating more delays.

Milkshakes are also featured on the sign outside, and with good reason, because Mooyah’s shakes are some of the best milkshakes I’ve had. They taste rich and flavorful, but don’t overwhelm your taste buds. Again, the portions are large, but it’s not hard to imagine someone just wanting a milkshake the size of a baby every now and then.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not try Mooyah’s salads, but in my defense, very few people will go to Mooyah for salad. It’s a restaurant that embraces meat and all kinds of meat products, and everything that’s not meat is more often than not meant to be paired with a hamburger or hot dog.

Mooyah is surrounded by all kinds of culinary and cultural variety, from high end grilles to a store that only sells cookies. So it’s all the more impressive that the restaurant has carved out a place in Storrs Center, and it is a spot that is well-deserved, thanks to its high quality of food and commitment to the few core items that make the restaurant successful.

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