Improv comedy showcase at Student Union an entertaining welcome back


Students are seen performing during an improv comedy showcase in the UConn Student Union in Storrs, Connecticut on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

Five of the University of Connecticut’s improv groups took the stage at the Student Union Theater this past Friday and entertained students with impeccable humor. 

Reckless Gents, Scared Scriptless, Horse Lincoln Improv, Agents of Improv and Malignant Humors performed for a crowd of UConn students using a form of theater called improvisational theatre or, more commonly called, improv.

All players onstage do not have a prepared script and the improvisation unfolds in the present time. Their performances were created for the first time on stage. Members of the audience laughed as they contributed to the showcase by shouting out scenarios and places for the players to perform.

Groups performed shortform and longform improv along with some stand-up comedy and amusing sketches. The stage acting ranged from Hollywood sets to roller-coaster robberies to a farm cow rebellion.

Reckless Gents Comedy Troupe is an audition-based longform improv and sketch comedy group. Open to all UConn students, this group certainly captures comedic talent.

Scared Scriptless is an open improv group, no audition required. They perform shortform improv and welcome all students, regardless of major.

Horse Lincoln Improv is an improv group that performs longform improv. They hold workshops with Improv Coaches to expand on their work. 

Agents of Improv is an open shortform and longform group with a separate audition-based group for experienced members. They are open to all students of any experience level, plenty experienced or beginner.  

Malignant Humor is the newest audition improvisational comedy group on campus. They focus on longform and shortform performances as well as the general education of improv and comedy. They encourage comedic talent on many platforms, not only stage performances. 

Showcase MC and Horse Lincoln Improv member, Alex Fisherman, spoke about the improv community.

Audience members are seen laughing during an improv comedy showcase in the Student Union Theatre on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

 “The experience is awesome. It’s a whole community and a cool way to get to know people,” Fisherman said. He is a sophomore majoring in environmental science. 

When asked about the diversity of individuals within the community, Fisherman replied, “There is a wide variety of people. People might think a lot of them are acting majors, but there is a very wide range.”

The audience members laughed and howled over the hilarious games and sketches performed on stage. Freshman nursing major Ryle Quitain came to the showcase with no previous experience watching improv. 

“It was quite the experience,” Quitain said. 

Freshman biology major Cassandra Tortal reflected on the showcase experience after the performances. “The improv show was a great way to end my week,” Tortal said. “As a transfer, all I have been focusing on was adjusting to my classes, so coming to the show helped me relax and loosen up.”

The showcase was also her first time experiencing improv. 

“The best part about the show was that the audience was able to participate, and as ridiculous the topics were, the performers were able to effectively use them within their performances,” she said. 

As an introduction to the University of Connecticut, the showcase gave Tortal a glimpse of the numerous organizations on campus. 

“I’m very glad I went to the show because it made me realize that there are so many things to do on campus,” Tortal said.

Kharl Reynado s a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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