Roundtable: Adapting movies to books


Anokh Palakurthi Associate Life editor

We always talk about books that should be a movie, but ever see something so visually powerful that you wish you could also read its descriptions in a novel? Sure, it seems unorthodox, if not a bit ridiculous, but I’ve always personally thought that the literary aspects of “Taxi Driver” would make it a wonderful novel. The film already has several motifs and visual shots that add a sense of foreshadowing and character development when it comes to understanding protagonist Travis Bickle, who is shown as a sociopathic loner struggling in post-Vietnam War life. Can you imagine being able to read every one of his thoughts, uncensored in something similar to a private journal?

Matthew Gilbert Campus Correspondent

A movie that should be made into a book is definitely “The Matrix.”  It is incredible film that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by robots called sentinels, “The Matrix” is a story that hits all the right notes of sci-fi and the human condition.  Should it be written as a book it would be an instant hit.  In addition, there are three Matrix movies so there is the possibility of a series.  The duality between “life” in the matrix and life outside of it makes for an excellent and captivating story and could allow for expanded stories of characters that are already excellent and can only get better.

Christopher McDermott Staff Writer

“The Room”

It’s hard to comprehend how a book adaptation of “The Room” would shape up, but it’s also hard to comprehend how “The Room” even exists at all. It’s a romantic tragedy or black comedy (depending on who you ask) and also absolutely incomprehensible.

“The Room” is the greatest accomplishment of bad filmmaking in cinema history. It’s a project that probably wouldn’t work (in any traditional artistic sense) as book, but to be fair it doesn’t work (in any traditional artistic sense) as a movie either. I’d probably still spend $20 on it if director, producer, writer and star Tommy Wiseau would narrate the audiobook.

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