CTfastrak’s expansion to UConn will be beneficial to students, staff


Connecticut is considering creating an expansion of its CTfastrak bus route from Hartford to the University of Connecticut. This service would make it easier for students, faculty, staff and visitors to cheaply travel to our campus, ensuring UConn will continue to play a central role in our state.

This expansion is planned to begin in late summer, with three routes connecting Hartford and Storrs. Two of the routes would be along I-84 and Route 195 and the third would travel along I-84, I-384 and Route 44. These routes will improve UConn’s integration with the rest of the state. Commuter students could easily and cheaply get to campus without requiring a car.

Faculty and staff could similarly get to and from work cheaply if they desired. Visitors attending university events, such as basketball games at Gampel Pavilion, would have a more convenient way of getting to campus.

In addition, traffic congestion on campus from these events would be greatly reduced. The expansion of this bus route would ensure UConn’s central place in the state community by providing quick and affordable travel for those who want to go to campus.

However, no funds have been allocated for this expansion in the state budget. With the large state deficit, obtaining financing for this project might be difficult. However, this project should cost much less the New Britain-Hartford branch of CTfastrak.

As noted in The Hartford Courant, the New Britain-Hartford “bus-only highway cost an estimated $567 million, but new service would run on I-84 HOV lanes or other existing state and local roads, the DOT said. Expenses would be limited to drivers, buses and fuel, or contractor payments if a private company is hired to run the service for the first year.”

By using preexisting highways and roads rather than building a new highway, this expansion should be much cheaper than the previous big-budget project. The low costs of this project and high potential benefits make the expansion of CTfastrak to Storrs a worthwhile investment.

As UConn grows and improves, it will play an increasingly vital role in our state. Ensuring that we have adequate transportation for all who want to travel to Connecticut’s flagship university and the opportunities it offers is an important goal.

he proposed CTfastrak expansion would provide a convenient and affordable way to reach UConn, allowing more people to visit campus and reducing traffic congestion. Hopefully, the state will allocate the funds necessary for this expansion.

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