‘Thank you UConn!’: 25 years of curbside service for Lizzie’s


Lizzie Searing of Lizzie’s Catering and Lizzie’s Curbside, the well-known food truck often parked outside of the Arjona Building, holding her “thank you” cake marking her 25 years on campus. Cake and coffee was free this morning as part of the celebration. (Annabelle Orlando/Daily Campus)

Lizzie Searing, owner and operator of Lizzie’s Curbside food truck, is celebrating her 25th anniversary on campus with free cake and coffee to anyone who stops by today.

“I feel lucky, fortunate and warm,” Searing said. “25 years ago when I was standing here it was like 12 degrees out.”

 For the past 25 years, the people have been going to Lizzie’s for the food that she serves. one of her longest customers is English professor emeritus Jonathan Hufstader.

I feel lucky, fortunate and warm.
— Lizzie Searing

 “I used to be based in Arjona, so it was very easy for me to get to and the food is and was delicious,” Hufstader said. “Then the department moved to Austin and I didn’t come here for a while because I was very busy, but I’m only teaching one class now so it works out very well for me to come here again.”

 Departments switch buildings and campus grows, but some things stay the same, said Searing. Her customers stay loyal and longstanding, she said. 

Searing excitedly (Read: “Woot wooooo”) announces her 25 year anniversary on Facebook and offers free cake and coffee in celebration. (Screenshot/Lizzies Curbside Facebook page)

About half of the customers are faculty, staff and graduate students, while the other half are undergraduates, Searing said.

 “I don’t think the people have changed,” Searing said. “ It’s just that everyone seems so much younger, and younger people have been coming because of Facebook and social media. I seem to be getting more students because they tell other people about what they get here.”

“Her food is the best, bar none,” said psychology graduate student Russell Richie. “[Lizzie] is just really cool. When I had a medical diagnosis, she just sent me lots of free food basically and she always asks how I’m doing.”

Other students go to Lizzie’s because of the unique cuisine, like Jacqueine Foley, a 6th-semester communication and human development and family studies double major.

“I’m a total breakfast food junkie,” Foley said. “She serves the best breakfast food on campus, in my opinion.”

For others, Lizzie’s is just the go-to option.

“It’s delicious,” said communications graduate student Adam Rainear. “It’s an easy choice. It’s good people, good food and you get what you expect. I’ve been coming to Lizzie’s almost everyday for the past two years since I’ve been at UConn.”

She’s as much a part of campus as any residential building, dining hall or department, he said.

“She’s an institution,” Richie said. “I can’t imagine life here [at UConn] without her.”

Annabelle Orlando is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at annabelle.orlando@uconn.edu.

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