Mansfield Board of Education plans E.O. Smith High School renovation


The Regional School District #19 Board of Education reviewed four plan options from the Tai Soo Kim Partners Architects for renovations on Edwin O. Smith High School on Feb. 2.

Plan option one and two include renovating the existing school, such as expanding the auditorium, the agricultural education department, technological department, music department and fine arts department.

Options one and two cost $13.8 million and $9.3 million, respectively.

The other options include building a new school, either on the existing E.O. Smith site or on an alternate site not yet discussed.

These two options would cost over $35 million.

All options would either rebuild on existing E.O. Smith land or an alternate land. No UConn land would be changed or exchanged.

Tai Soo Kim understood that option three and four will be the least likely to be passed. In fact, the Board of Education only asked the planners to draft the first two plans.

Ryszard Szczypek, a Tai Soo Kim architect, said that E.O. Smith’s space is tighter than the Board realizes.

“There are certain setbacks that are required, and you’ve already encroached on some of those setbacks,” Szczypek said. “It may be a challenge if we try to build onto the existing facilities to improve, whether it’s the fine arts department or the Ag-Ed program.”

Parking spaces and the lack thereof were discussed during the meeting. Option three, which rebuilds the school on the existing lot, would add over 200 spots for the school. This option would also encroach onto Route 195, potentially affecting traffic flow at the South edge of the University of Connecticut campus.

The Board of Education will inform the architects of their favored plan, which will then be refined and presented to the public.

Correction: Regional School District #19 is a separate board of education from the Mansfield Board of Education.  The Regional School District #19 Board of Education educates students in grades 9 through 12 in Ashford, Mansfield and Willington at Edwin O. Smith High School. The Mansfield Board of Education serves the students of Mansfield in grades K-8 and does not have any jurisdiction over Edwin O. Smith High School. The article originally said it was the Mansfield Board of Education reviewing the plans.

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