Fetty Wap set to headline SUBOG Spring Concert on April 18


The Spring Concert at Gampel Pavilion this year on Thursday, April 18 will feature Fetty Wap 

Tickets are not on sale yet, but according to SUBOG, the UConn organization hosting Fetty Wap, when tickets are available it will be posted on all of SUBOG’s social media accounts. 

“Spring concert is something that students who have been here or have gone to it in the past look forward to every year. It’s sort of the main event on campus,” said Steve Bogdan, a marketing and PR co-chair at SUBOG and fifth-semester communications major.

Bogdan jokingly said the concert is “sort of like our (SUBOG’s) Christmas time.”

The decision was unanimous among the SUBOG board, he said. 

“The decision was almost purely on the raw hype that’s surrounding him now,” said Bogdan. “We felt Fetty Wap was the right choice and that’s what the student demographic that we were hearing from really wanted.”

Fetty Wap, the trap hip-hop artist well known for his hit song “Trap Queen” will be taking the stage at Gampel, which holds about ten thousand people. “Trap Queen” peaked at number 14 on the Billboard charts and stayed there for 34 weeks, according to Billboard, and has over 350 million views on YouTube. 

Wap is from Paterson, New Jersey and came from a place where “everybody is trying to make it out,” according to his website. In terms of his fast rise to fame, he said “A lot of people don’t get the opportunity, so I’ma be a superstar until my star don’t burn no more,” via his website.

His self-titled album came out in September 2015 and has gained a lot of attention since its release. The 15-track album features Wap’s distinct wobbly voice and catchy melodies over trap beats. Since the album release, he has been featured in Billboard, Complex and has been nominated for the 2015 XXL Freshman Class – a list of up-and-coming rap stars – according to his website.

Bogdan explained that based on past experiences at the spring concert, “You can possibly expect some students going on stage and rapping. You can expect more people in Gampel that you might have ever seen at UConn. You can definitely expect a unique experience.”

Brett Steinberg is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at brett.steinberg@uconn.edu. He tweets @officialbrett.

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