Photo sharing app We Heart It launches Love Yourself Week


We Heart It

This week, We Heart It, a popular photo sharing app and discovery tool, is launching its first ever Love Yourself Week.

With 40 million registered members, Love Yourself Week is expected to touch many lives.

Love Yourself Week was “inspired by the positivity of our members,” Senior Integrated Marketing Manager Monica Ha said.

We Heart It is a cross between Instagram and Tumblr, allowing users to scroll through a feed of inspiring photos. When a user likes a photo it is then posted on their personal feed.

Different from other social media platforms, We Heart It is a comment-free app. Ha said this helps to encourage a positive environment free from online bullying.

We Heart It is a “judgment free zone,” Ha said. “We are very much about expressing yourself.”

Love Yourself Week is user generated. Users sent videos to We Heart It, which then compiled all the videos and posted the final result on their YouTube channel.

“Loving yourself is being secure in both your positive and negative qualities and acknowledging the fact that no one in this world is perfect,” sixth semester Fashion Merchandizing major Anisha Rajopadhye said.

We Heart It is “launching a video series called ‘Why We Heart,’” Ha said. Love Yourself Week is “inviting people to tell us what they love about themselves.”

Strategically placed after Valentine’s Day, Ha said that after a day of celebrating love for other people, Love Yourself Week allows people to celebrate what they love about themselves.

In a time when cyber-bullying has become more prevalent, Ha said We Heart It took it upon themselves to spread a positive message.

“When you have the ability to comment, if you let it get to you, it will affect your self-esteem,” Ha said. “We Heart It is different because that functionality is not there.”

Rajopadhye agreed that social media can hurt its users.

“In college, people judge very harshly,” she said. “It’s a time in our lives where we are really impressionable.”

Rajopadhye said that when it comes to social media, people take things to heart more than they should.

“Every negative comment […] it always affects us even if we try not to let it,” Rajopadhye said.

Ha emphasized the positivity We Heart It hopes to spread among its users. This is the first week that the photo-sharing platform is dedicated to encouraging the message to love yourself.

Ha said there have been “a lot of positive responses from our YouTube channel” since it was posted Monday.

Most comments have depicted “all very positive things in terms of self-affirmation,” Ha said.

“I can see it being a positive message to someone else,” Rajopadhye said. “If it helps one person, I think it’s worth it.”

Ha said We Heart It is a “new format of social media where we can help people figure out who they are.”

Without the ability to comment, Ha said users are able to “express themselves in a positive way without judgment or alienation.”

“Social media should be a fun space,” Ha said. “We don’t have to worry about young people […] feeling that kind of pressure.”

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