Roundtable: Worst weather in Storrs


A student attempts to brave the brutal Storrs blizzard on Feb. 2, 2016. Is the snow truly the worst part of winters at UConn? (Jason Jiang/The Daily Campus)

We’re so close to the spring season, yet so far away. The winter can be a bad time for some people and this is certainly true if you live in New England. Here are some of our least favorite parts about the weather here in Storrs.

Marlese Lessing, Campus Correspondent

The worst part of Storrs weather isn’t the badly-shoveled sidewalks or even the fact that you can’t feel your legs after walking outside for 10 minutes in February. Nope, it’s the wind. The howling gale that always seems to be blowing against you, no matter which direction you go. The kind that feels like it could sweep you away if you jumped. The type that reminds you that you’re not in Kansas anymore. When it’s cold, it’s like a million little daggers stabbing you repeatedly in the face. The only thing that makes it bearable is when you have your hair loose, it billows dramatically. Otherwise, I think I’ll give it a pass.

Anokh Palakurthi, Associate Life Editor

I can deal with the cold just fine. Hell, I can deal with the snow and the sense of dismay looking outside. The biggest problem about being in Storrs during the winter is definitely the rain. When you look outside and notice showers, as well as take into account that you’ve got about two more classes throughout the day, you will probably experience feelings of dread, irritation and disappointment. It becomes even worse if the downpour continues into the evening — and it sure as hell makes a pretty brutal walk back from class.

Edward Pankowski, Life Editor

Storrs weather makes me feel like a blind man in a torture chamber. Not only am I going to get smacked around, but also I don’t even know what to expect or when I’m going to be hit. I’m referring, of course, to the unpredictability of New England weather, but Storrs seems to take this mysterious phenomena and turn it up to 11.

Just this week, we went from record low temperatures to 50-degree weather. You’re not safe inside either, as residents of Buckley resident hall learned in yet another February disaster at that haunted residence hall. If you haven’t consulted at least three weather sources before you leave your dorm in the morning, you may as well flip a coin as to whether you’ll be a popsicle or at the center of a volcano, and that’s what I dislike the most about Storrs weather.

Kimberly Armstrong, Staff Writer

The worst thing about the weather in Storrs for a commuter is indisputably the buses. No matter how well I think I’ve memorized red line’s timetable, it’s nearly impossible to get to a bus stop when a bus does — they’ve either arrived early and left without me or are lost somewhere in the maze of roads around Hilltop apartments.

Coming to the understanding that you’re likelier to get where you’re going on time by walking than by waiting at a bus stop is part of the UConn experience, but that all breaks down under sub-zero conditions. Yeah, I could just walk to W Lot, but the prospect of watching a red line bus speed by me as I lose the last vestige of feeling in my hands is too much to bear. 

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