Beyond the Beavers: Ted’s is more than a bar, it’s a restaurant too


Ted’s is not only a bar, but a restaurant as well. Many of the options are cheesy and fried, as is typical of bar foods, but they’re also crowd favorites. (Jackson Haigis/ Daily Campus)

There is more to Ted’s than just bionic beavers, cheap beer and being tightly packed from wall to wall. People tend to forget it is also a restaurant. 

Since turning 21 this past January I have fallen into routine of spending many nights at Ted’s. Can you really blame me when it is, at most, a three minute walk from my dorm room?

Considering how unappetizing dining hall food is, and how I am always hungry, Ted’s not only brings me the pleasure of reasonably priced drinks but also, surprisingly, decent bar food.

While my diet restricts me from ordering every option from the menu (I’m vegetarian), I would 10/10 recommend everything I have tried.

Although they do not compete with the nachos from the Willimantic Brewery, the nachos from Ted’s are deliciously piled high with a blend of cheese, onions, tomatoes and jalapenos served with salsa and sour cream.

Another favorite is the ‘Cheezy’ Fries, if you have not noticed by now, I love anything fried and/or with cheese. They are regular cut fries smothered with cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. You can also opt to put bacon on them.

The cheese pizza is a little too greasy for my liking, but nonetheless it is still good. It is not the best pizza I have ever had but I did not have high expectations considering it is a small college bar in the middle of nowhere.

Regardless of your food preferences, there is something for everyone at Ted’s. From specialty pizzas to grinders and wraps, soup, salads and entrees like chicken tenders and fish & chips.

They even have a Pizzadilla, according to their menu it’s “when a pizza and quesadilla meet.” You have the option of getting buffalo chicken with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, onions and tomatoes or honey BBQ chicken with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and fried onion rings.

If you are anything like me and are too indecisive to make a decision on what to eat, you can always choose the Ted’s sampler. For only $9 you get the choice of three of the following: French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, fried ravioli or jalepeno poppers all served with the appropriate sauces.

The next time you are at Ted’s for trivia night, karaoke, nickel — whatever the reason, go a little early to snag a table and pig out.

Angie DeRosa is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at  She tweets @theangiederosa.

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