Husky Bucks sales continue yearly rise


A “Husky Bucks Accepted” sign hands in the doorway of Moe’s in Storrs Center. Husky Bucks sales for this year are expected to pass last year’s sales of more than $2.5 million. (Zhelun Lang/Daily Campus)

The Husky Bucks sales at the University of Connecticut have been increasing every year, according to the One Card Office.

Last year there were $2,681,852 in Husky Bucks sales, and this year they’re expected to surpass that as sales through March 1 are already up to $2,091,150, said Ellen Prairie, business services supervisor for the One Card Office.

This compares to 2002, the year the one card office opened, when Husky Bucks sales totaled $191,221, Prairie said. 

The only year that Husky Bucks sales declined was the year after laundry costs were added to students’ fee bills and no longer required payment with Husky Bucks, Prairie said. In the 2005-06 school year, when laundry was included, Husky Bucks sales totaled $1,876,320.

The only thing that’s still required to pay with husky bucks is printing and copying, Prairie said.

“Husky Bucks are so convenient because there are no extra fees associated with using them,” Prairie said.

There are 46 off-campus Storrs Husky Bucks merchants, five of which were new merchants as of the spring 2016 semester, Aloft Aerial Fitness, Blaze Pizza, Dunkin Donuts Storrs Center, Little Aladdin Mediterranean Grill and the UPS store, Prairie said.

In addition to off campus merchants, there are six on campus Husky Bucks Merchants and 10 regional campus Husky Bucks merchants, Prairie said.

In order for the one card office to make revenue, they charge a fee to merchants who accept Husky Bucks, Prairie said. In return, the one office promotes the stores that accept Husky Bucks.

“With the possibility of more shops and restaurants coming to the Storrs Center we hope to have ever more merchants,” Prairie said. 

The one office has weekly deals where they give a gift card from an off-campus merchant of various amounts to a random student that pays with Husky Bucks, Prairie said.

In spring 2016, they will give a total of $870 worth of gift cards to Big Y, Price Chopper, Moe’s, Mooyah, Wings Over Storrs and Froyo World, Prairie said. 

However, Logan Aldave, a Froyo World employee, said that it is the least used payment method. Last month $632.84 was spent using Husky Bucks out of over $5,000 of revenue they made.

“It’s not really a large percentage compared to the whole month,” Aldave said, “but we do it because it’s convenient for the students.” 

Some places in Storrs center, such as Dog Lane Café, don’t take Husky Bucks.

“We don’t accept Husky Bucks because the university charges us a fee. We probably never will accept Husky Bucks because a large portion of our clientele are from the community, not the university,” Tiffany Exarhoulias, the Dog Lane restaurant manager, said.

Students can put money in their account online at a Husky Bucks station located in the library or the one card office in Wilbur Cross. However, there is a $50 minimum and a $2 fee to put money in online because there is a processing fee. 

However, Prairie said that students have the option to credit their fee bill when they put money on their account online.

“This option has been very popular. Students have charged $197,000 to their fee bill this (academic) year,” Prairie said.

Emma Krueger is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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